Cannes Contenders: MediaCom, Australia

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

PlayStation (1).jpgPlayStation: Life in the living room will never be the same
MediaCom, Sydney

The Official Universal Media Remote for PS4 is a completely new product that benefits non-gamers. At the touch of a button, it unlocks endless entertainment for the whole household. Trouble was, as PlayStation has such a strong gaming legacy, non-gamers weren't listening. We needed a universal message for our Universal Remote. Riffing on the cult following of the Netflix Original sci-fi series Stranger Things, our idea paid homage to 1980's pop-culture classics like Halloween and E.T, with short stories that would seize our audience's attention. We collided nostalgia with contemporary to create a retro rollercoaster perfectly balanced between comedic performance and product.
Princess (1).jpgPrincess Cruises: The Moment
MediaCom, Sydney

The Moment captures the essence of wanderlust and discovery defined powerfully and simply by the singularity of a unique experience. At a time when travel means so many different things to people, the one thing that remains constant is the potential to reconnect through a shared moment. Based around the story of a couple coming together during moment set against the historic ruins of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Ayutthaya in Thailand, the campaign draws on the themes of travel and reconnection to underline Princess' destination experiences and expertise. The singular story moves gently, like the pace of a ship at sea allowing the viewer to be transfixed by the stunning visuals and simple story.

True North.jpgGreat Northern Brewing Company: True North
MediaCom, Melbourne

At 36, Matt Wright is, Australia's newest wildlife warrior and croc wrangler, together with National Geographic's 129 year's experience and prestige and in partnership with Great Northern Brewing Co, the newest kid on the block in the beer business, we completely reinvented the way Aussie mates reconnect in the great outdoors. Australia's relationship and reputation surrounding beer has transitioned with stereotypes of the 'stubbie guzzling' larrikin, exchanged for hard working blokes with an emphasis on 'memorable' experiences with mates in the great outdoors - not wasting weekends in bars. True North takes the boys to Northern Queensland charting their journey to reconnection, along with a platter of specifically created online and social content tastier than a famous Aussie BBQ.

Secret Life of Pets.jpgUniversal Pictures: The Secret Life of Pets
MediaCom, Sydney

How often do you get the chance to turn your pet into a movie star? When you are launching an animation feature film about pets there is no shortage of characters but the most important pet in the lives of Australians is the one they own. With 4 out of 5 households owning a pet, data informed an undeniable behaviour. To spread the message of our film we tapped into Australia's obsession with sharing photos and videos of their pets. We turned the love for their pets into media to promote our film with record sales at the box office and over ten thousand entries!

Air Rescue (1).jpgWestpac: Air Rescue
MediaCom, Sydney

Could your bank quite literally save your life? This Australian bank can, and does, every single day. The Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter service patrols the skies, watching over Australians and saving them from peril. As you can imagine there's some pretty phenomenal stories. And so we told them, not through ads, but a brand funded primetime TV show and social content series, Air Rescue, playing out across TV, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Combining our screens strategy over peak summer months when the choppers were high in the sky we were unmissable, reaching 38% of Aussies through media alone.

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