Cannes Contenders: TBWA\Sydney

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Key Visual_Women in Engineering_Nervo (1).jpgUniversity of New South Wales: Women in Engineering
TBWA\Sydney, FleishmannHillard
Young women weren't enrolling in engineering because they didn't understand its potential. So we needed to show them that engineering is everywhere, and in a way that they'd actually listen to. We created an interactive music video with one of their favourite artists - Grammy Award-winning Nervo. Throughout the film clip fans were encouraged to click on objects they love, including mobile phones and shoes, to discover how engineers create them. Based off their interests, they were then delivered relevant engineering courses. By simply connecting with their interests and doing so in an exciting way, Made By Me inspired teenage girls around the globe to consider engineering as a career. Cards of Spontaneity
Aussies were once known as adventurous globetrotters. But research revealed 62% of us are now preferring a 'routine weekender' over a wild impromptu jaunt. So, decided to bring back spontaneity. With... the Cards of Spontaneity. A game containing thousands random trip challenges which encouraged Aussie travelers to think outside the holiday box labelled 'the bleeding obvious'. The wildly written combinations worked. Generating over 24 ½ million media impressions,
 and a social media reach of 847,224 game plays. Not only inspiring Aussies to live more last minute, but reigniting the idea of what travel should be all about.

Key Visual_SKYY (1).jpgSKYY Vodka: #CheerstoEquality

72% of Australians are in favour of marriage equality,
but many feel their voices aren't being heard by those in power. So, SKYY Vodka decided to redesign the cocktail glass. Turning a 'cheers' into a trigger. Taking a photo and sending it with a unique tweet. Challenging politicians to recognise that love is love. This generated over 27.5 million impressions and $555K in earned media. Raising much needed funds for our charity partner just.equal. But most importantly, it brought people together to celebrate unity over division. Because declaring your love should be something we can all cheers to.

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