CB Exclusive: Hyundai launches reinvented i30 in its latest campaign via Innocean Australia

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 10.43.28 am.jpgCB Exclusive - Hyundai has launched a new campaign for its iconic i30 through Innocean Australia.

Says Steve Jackson, ECD, Innocean: "The winning history of the previous i30 led us to a powerful narrative for the next. Not content with merely evolving, Hyundai chose to totally reinvent the car and we created an idea to match. We were lucky enough to have some of Australia's most talented production companies and individuals help bring it to life, and I'd like to thank them all for bringing so much passion to the project."

Says Peter Fitzhardinge, CEO, Innocean: "What I most love about the campaign, is that it's a true launch idea; grab attention and deliver the message in the biggest possible way. The agency's commitment through Steve's and Philip's teams over the last few months to bring it alive has been fantastic."

The campaign launched with a teaser last week with the full reveal over the weekend. The campaign is one of Hyundai's most significant launches and will run across all channels including TV, Cinema, Digital, Print and Outdoor.

Hyundai Australia Motor Car Company
Director of Marketing: Oliver Mann
General Manager Marketing: Andrew Knox
Product Marketing Manager: Nick Cook
Product Marketing Co-ordinator: Katrina Mendoza

Agency: Innocean Worldwide Australia
Executive Creative Director: Steve Jackson
Creative Team: Daryl Corps & Dave Shirlaw
Campaign Creative: Steve Carlin, Dean Hamilton, Dave King
Film Producer: Jacqui Walker
Production Director: Warrick Nicholson
Head of Planning: Scott Davis
Group Business Director: Philip Sherar
Head of Digital: Trevor Crossman
Account Director: Vincent Pled
Account Manager: Kat Knight

Production Company: Collider
Director: Daniel Askill
2nd Unit Director: Lorin Askill
Executive Producer: Rachael Ford-Davies
Producer: Julianne Shelton

Post / VFX: Fin Design + Effects
Executive Producer: Alastair Stephen
VFX Supervisors: Justin Bromley and Stuart White

Sound & Music: Nylon Studios
Sound Designer: Simon Lister
Composer: Michael Yezerski
Music Producer: Karla Henwood

Photography: Photoplay
Photographer: Michael Corridore
Executive Producer: Alison Lydiard
Producer: Melanie Reardon
Retouching: Cream Studios
Executive Producer: Steve York 


Emperor's Clothes said:

The i30 doesn't fly very well. Perhaps it's poor aerodynamics. Let's hope its road manners are a bit (a lot?) better.

Nice said:


Slim Dusty said:

Was interesting for a moment but then I realised it was all just CG

Jacko has landed said:

Well done team - tough client

john said:

Q. How many times have we seen a product, person or object plummeting to earth in a vain attempt to try and get our attention and flog us something?
A. Too many. A tired idea, with consequently, dollars wasted.on production.

Wackooooo-ed said:

Love it. A million times more interesting than any Holden or BMW 'cruising along The Great Ocean Road' ads out at the moment.

Nice work.

way to many full stops and commas in the answer.... said:

@ john you are so boring....it ain't your money there spending.

Google said:

Remember when Chevy threw a car out a plane and it was for real not CGI? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQSX39YD7To

push the envelope said:

nice to see client respond to creativity -keep pushing!
that chevy spot is pretty beautiful too.

@Rusty Google said:

....you're grasping at straws

@way too many.... said:

Maybe you should learn to spell, before commenting on punctuation.

Duopoly said:

It's ok I guess, but you know would make it- a duality. Said no one fucken ever.

Never rest guys. said:

Until you find the same line that works with your brand.


Insider said:

What kind of job is "campaign creative"?

huh? said:

It's a shame because it's quite a nice idea but the execution doesn't quite nail it. Even if it is CG - we've all seen CG done so well to the point where you really don't know if it is CG or not. And with a car where all it basically has to do is - like - fall, it should have been done a lot better. Seems the art director and production company were asleep at the wheel, pardon the pun.

George said:

They're not Australia's best selling brand for nothing. This will work well for them in their positioning as a 'dynamic' brand (while they're selling boxes with wheels like everyone else).

Ex car guy said:

Funny, cause when you go through ideas, the first thing you don't talk about are cars flying through the sky. Cause it's been done. So. Many. Times.

Ex car guy said:

Funny, cause when you go through ideas, the first thing you don't talk about are cars flying through the sky. Cause it's been done. So. Many. Times.

@huh? said:

What is the idea?

huh? said:


Just watched it again. I stand corrected.

Does nothing for me said:

How is a car falling through a sky going to create any desire for the brand?
I would rather watch a Holden or BMW ad where a car drives through picturesque landscape.
When you don't have an idea at least make the car look good.
Epic fail.

bjbigfella said:

Nice work guys!

Outhouse creative Department said:

Surely Hyundai will be able to claim a discount from their inhouse team now they know they just googled 'never rest car ads' and came up with this hybrid bad ad. Still, they've done it before with the 'snake' ad. Do bad. Hang your heads in shame. You are not creative.

i am lost said:


its a car falling through the sky.

the outdoor is a car with a dust of smoke

im not one for criticising on here, and im not doubting the work needed to pull something like this off, but its just nothing really is it?

Vince said:

Everyone involved should be proud of this one. Well done all.

They're their there said:

@toomany commas etc.

Oh dear...

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