Cummins&Partners Sydney and Movember Foundation launch second year of MAYEIGHT!!

MAYEIGHT_Camping (1).jpgCB Exclusive - Cummins&Partners Sydney and the Movember Foundation are promoting the second year of MAYEIGHT!!, the men's mental health initiative they co-created.

The initiative was created in response to the fact that, for many Aussie men, life gets busy and they lose touch with their mates, leaving millions at risk of feeling isolated. MAYEIGHT!! takes place on May 8 every year and aims to improve the social networks of Aussie men as an important protector for future mental health by giving blokes a nudge to catch up with a mate.

This year, in conjunction with partners such as Triple M, they're specifically targeting the insight that we so often make plans to meet up with our mates but, because we're so hectic, we never make it actually happen. MAYEIGHT!! is the day to make those plans a reality.

MAYEIGHT_Dining (1).jpgSays Julian Schreiber, co-ECD, Cummins&Partners Sydney: "How often have we all had that text conversation where we say how good it'd be to catch up, but then don't follow through? I've certainly got a bunch on my phone. We're very proud MAYEIGHT!! is the day to make those plans come good."
The campaign is appearing in a wide range of media channels across Australia leading up to May 8.

Says Charlotte Webb, The Movember Foundation's Asia Pacific director: "MAYEIGHT!! is about encouraging guys to keep these connections because catching up with your mates is good for your mental health. It's a simple action that makes such a huge difference to men's future steering them away from social MAYEIGHT_Fishing (1).jpgisolation and providing them with a support network for when things get tough."

Says Tom Martin, co-ECD at Cummins&Partners Sydney: "MAYEIGHT!! also helps break down the social stigma of guys reaching out when they need help. Because, even when discussing a serious problem, it still just seems like two friends catching up. We hope guys take advantage of MAYEIGHT!! and use it as a day to catch up with someone they've been meaning to for a while."

Client: Movember Foundation
Matt Bell
Jeremy MacVean
Charlotte Webb

Agency: Cummins&Partners Sydney
Alastair Flack - Art Director
Mandie van der Merwe - Art Director
MAYEIGHT_Social (1).jpgAvish Gordhan - Copywriter
Dan Jones - Illustrator
Lorraine Costello - Finished Artist
Tom Martin - Executive Creative Director
Julian Schreiber - Executive Creative Director
8 (1).jpgJames Greet - Chief Media Officer
Dan Ingall - Managing Director
Olivia Etzine - Integration Manager


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This is a seriously great charity idea.

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