Two Mad Cowboys' Matt Sterne + Jarrad Collings launch influencer training platform Crushfame

Founders.jpgFounders and digital creative directors of Two Mad Cowboys Sydney Matt Sterne and Jarrad Collings have launched a new social influencer educational platform called Crushfame, designed specifically for a new generation to chase their passions and get paid using social media.

Consisting of highly detailed video courses, Crushfame explores the collective experience and knowledge of each influencer featured. Each course provides a detailed overview of exactly how the influencer achieved their success - from getting started and building a following, through to commercial agreements and beyond. Presented in a personal one-on-one style format, each Crushfame course includes a custom playbook to help plan for success, as well as additional resources and downloads.
Crushfame_mobile.jpgThe platform's first collaboration, "Become the next Instagram Influencer" by Gabby Epstein, includes 51 videos across 15 modules designed to walk students through the first steps from getting started, all the way through to how to market their own product and stand out.

Sterne and Collings founded Crushfame with the ambition to help a new generation of individuals chase their own passions and commercialise them online. Having had extensive careers as digital creative directors, the pair identified influencer marketing as an industry lacking in clear mentorship and educational advice from real influencers - not just brands and publishers by way of questionable content.

Says Sterne: "We started by asking each other why no-one had yet created the 'how to' of social media influencers in a rich and engaging format from actual influencers themselves and not from a corporate voice."

Says Collings: "A common trait shared among the top influencers we've met is a very different mindset on what it takes to develop your own personal brand online and live life on your terms. We felt this needed to be explored."

The Crushfame team are currently in pre-production around a number of niches and topics including lifestyle vlogging, fitness and travel, aiming to add several additional world class influencers to the platform by 2018.

Video production: Where There's Smoke


Matt Sterne said:

p.s. Couldn't have produced this without our much loved production partner, Where There's Smoke.

KK said:

great idea

kids used to want to be singers, footballers etc - now they just want to be instafamous

kind of depressing really

sites nicely put together too

well done guys

LJ said:

Oh no you didn't... Nice idea guys

pat said:

on ya fellas! very clever

Jess said:

Love it Cowboys

Lucky1 said:

Great idea, video is 100% the right format for the target. Congrats guys, hope you see a lot of success on this one.

Any chance you could cover a photographer next? Someone like that kid who took those shots at Mona Vale with a drone?

Exactly what the world needs... said:

More influences.

Nice one, guys. Good to see someone out there addressing the lack of superficial, empty and soulless content in the world.

We'll have a few more DJ Khaleds in no time.

Three drunk monkeys said:

Nice name. Maybe they'll get bought out too.

Aweome said:


Rich Parker said:

Well done fellas, nice move!

uh oh said:

misspelled influencer at 21 seconds of the video.

Steph S said:

Nice one! Well done!

cowboys said:

I love spreading my legs for photos too

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