Ford Australia brings its new brand strategy to life at Vivid Sydney 2017 via Imagination

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 7.15.19 am.jpgExperience design agency, Imagination Australia has unveiled a landmark, multisensory installation for Ford Australia at Vivid Sydney 2017.

Designed to bring Ford's global brand strategy to life, the experience in the heart of Sydney Harbour is the centrepiece of Ford Australia's partnership with Vivid Sydney. The partnership also includes two future-facing innovation panels presented by Ford at the Vivid Ideas Exchange.
Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 7.15.32 am.jpgVivid Sydney and Ford have created a spectacular state-of-the-art, interactive light and motion installation opposite the iconic Sydney Opera House.

The interactive light installation has engaged Australia's finest lighting designers, motion specialists, structural engineers, music composers and programming wizards. The breathtaking result is five giant illuminated swings that create a spectacular sound and light show, that is sure to be a highlight of Vivid Sydney 2017.

With both interactive and autonomous modes, the kinetic light show allows Vivid Sydney guests to engage with the installation and create their own art, or stand back and enjoy a breathtaking display where each swing is suspended at its limit before they all orbit together in a choreographed performance.

Aptly named Freedom of Movement, the interactive kinetic light installation draws inspiration from Henry Ford's vision to "change the way the world moves" by fusing colour, light, sound and motion to showcase Ford's ongoing commitment to 'go further' and inspire the future of mobility.

Ford Australia will also take centre stage in two Vivid Ideas sessions, further exploring the Freedom of Movement narrative, focusing on the global mobility revolution and examining the innovation imperative. Both Vivid Ideas and Vivid Light perfectly articulate Ford's invigorated Australian innovation focus. The creative activity highlights Ford's ongoing commitment to Australia, employing a 2,000-strong team at their global product development centre in Victoria.

Says Martin Gunsberg, director of communications, Ford Australia: "Engaging with both Vivid Light and Vivid Ideas created the perfect opportunity for Ford to showcase its ambitions to the nation. Both the installation and panel sessions will let the people of Sydney explore the direction Ford is taking in to the future and engage with our vision of the Freedom of Movement.

"It has been wonderful working with Vivid Sydney and Imagination to bring our ideas to life. The innovation mind-set of both organisations has helped us create a spectacular kinetic light show that combines the wonder of motion with our focus on mobility, taking the humble swing beyond anything we could ever have imagined."

Says Georgina Crichton, business manager, Imagination: "Vivid Sydney was the perfect platform to share Ford's vision for the future. Ford has an innovative approach to meet the rapid pace of change in the world and Vivid Sydney has a reputation for showcasing creativity, innovation and progressive design, so it's the perfect partnership.

"We wanted to harness the synergy between Ford's fresh brand identity and Vivid Sydney's vibrant buzz by creating an experience that pushes the boundaries of public engagement. Everyone working on the project has been swept up in the vibe, which speaks wonders for the work Ford and Vivid Sydney do to inspire the public and start meaningful conversations. Mobility is one of the most exciting areas of human innovation, and Ford's presence at Vivid Sydney underscores their enduring leadership in the space," she continued.

Says Ignatius Jones, creative director, Vivid Sydney: "At Vivid Sydney we explore the creative space where art and technology intersect and Ford's Freedom of Movement installation encapsulates this concept. With the spectacular backdrop of Sydney's most iconic landmarks, it's set to be a real highlight of this year's festival."

The Freedom of Movement installation will be displayed every evening from 18:00-23:00 at Hickson Reserve as part of the Vivid Sydney Light Walk until the 17 June 2017.

Ford Australia's Vivid Ideas:
Session 1: Mobility Revolution - 29th May, 18:00-20:00 at the MCA
Session 2: Innovate, Why Now? - 1st June, 12:00-13:00 at the MCA

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