Fuzzles introduces Tip Top's new Sandwich Thins to Aussies in new campaign via BMF Australia

Fuzzle_Tip Top Thins.jpgTip Top has launched 'Sandwich Thins', a softer, lighter lunch alternative for the whole family with a new campaign via BMF Australia, featuring Fuzzles, the imaginary friend.
With only 99 calories per serve Tip Top Sandwich Thins are a lighter way to enjoy the pleasure and softness of bread. They are deliciously soft and tasty and are pre-sliced to make six sandwiches. Baked in Australia, Sandwich Thins are suitable for topping, filling and toasting for a quick and delicious lunch. They are the deliciously different lunch time solution the whole family will love. And when there's something new at the family lunch table, everyone gives it a go. Even imaginary friends.
Says Susan Tahmasian, brand manager, Tip Top: "Sandwiches will always be Australia's go-to lunch option, but there are occasions where we want to experiment or enjoy something different. Not only are Tip Top Sandwich Thins a welcome and versatile addition to the segment, they are also a smart choice for people who love the texture and appearance of bread but want a softer, lighter lunch."

Fuzzles, the imaginary friend, was brought to life by Oddstudios, the makers of 'Where the Wild Things' and 'Mad Max Fury Road'. Five technicians and a load of of animatronics were used to create his intricate facial expressions.
The campaign will run in Australia and New Zealand in TV, OOH, Digital, Social.

Client: George Weston Foods (Tip Top)
Marketing  and Innovation Director: Graeme Cutler
Marketing Manager: Vanessa Kennedy
Senior Brand Manager: Susan Tahmasian
Executive Creative Director: Cam Blackley
Creative Directors: Dantie Van Der Merwe, David Fraser
Creative Team: Stephanie Allen, Millicent Malcolm
Planning: Emily Field
Managing Director: Stephen McCardle
Group Account Director: Kura Tyerman
Senior Account Manager: Lauren Barnes             
Account Executive: James Ricupito
Agency Producer: Tamara Kennon and Claire Seffrin
Digital Content Strategist: Jacinda Fermanis
Production Company: Jungle
Director: Cate Stewart
EP: Nick Simkins
Producer: Sarah Nichols
Post Production: Blockhead VFX
Editor: James Ashbolt/ ARC Edit   
Music & Sound Production: Rumble Studios
DOP: Crighton Bone
Creature: Odd Studios
Media Agency: Carat


DADY said:


Credit where credits dye said:

Nicely crafted tvc for a tough client.

Old Planner said:

Nice production and creature creation but what an absolute miss for a new product launch. When all is said and done it's basically just a 'taste' proposition sold by the girl wanting to eat it. So many missed opportunities... the press release gives you more benefits. But then again, after the money BMF wasted on Abbots followed by The One's playground girl, I'm really not surprised. GWF should have stuck with DDB!

Adman said:

Dream team! Nice work BMF.

@Old Planner said:

This comment wreaks of old DDB planner...

Incredulous said:

People got paid to do this?

@oldplanner said:

Old Planner?? Really?? Your comments discredit your old planner claim. If you are in fact a planner your clients must suffer with your guidance.
Shame to hide your identity when you are clearly so passionate about the GWF comms. Revealing yourself could have given you some credibility..but unlikely.
Good to see you know all the work BMF has recently done with GWF. I'm sure BMF and GWF will value your feedback.

Gremlin with a Cockney accent said:

I thought it was forbidden to feed them after midnight.

Gremlin with a male voice said:

Why do I have a bow in my hair?

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