[Haimat]'s Benjamin Kassel and Nicholas Mason launch social paid ad agency Pineapple Social

Benny (1).jpgMason Bio.jpgBenjamin Kassel (left), former White Agency account director and current managing director of boutique digital agency [Haimat], has partnered with former Edge Agency commercial director and entrepreneur, Nicholas Mason (right) to form Pineapple Social, a leaner and more agile social paid advertising agency - which focuses on the needs of small businesses.

Pineapple Social aims to disrupt the classic ad agency payment model and provides social paid advertising using a no-contract subscription package - as championed by Silicon Valley tech brands.
Says Mason: "We're proud to trim the fat from advertising costs. Big ad agencies are cost- prohibitive for smaller businesses. Pineapple provides a specialised service with bespoke social strategies, helping to create a level playing field. Our clients can make a real impact online without spending a fortune."

Says Kassel: "Pineapple Social makes social media advertising easy and affordable. We offer our clients a free strategy session upfront, non-contractual arrangements and focus on measurable ROIs. It's really that simple."

Visit Pineapple Social's website.


Grant F said:

Nice work Benny K. Keep making things happen buddy.

Kolby said:

Great work Benny K! Keep killing it!

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