Jerks who park like dicks issued Parking Dickets created by FCB's Peter Vegas and Leisa Wall

Parking Dicket pad.JPGFCB New Zealand creatives Peter Vegas and Leisa Wall have created a new product in their spare time to answer what they think is a huge problem.
People who park like dicks.
They've wrapped their hands around the shaft of the issue and come up with Parking Dickets. Now, victims of bad parking can strike back with 13.12cm of flesh coloured justice (13.12cm is the average length of an erect penis).
After issuing the dicket people are encouraged to send their dicket pic to the Dicket Wardens who upload it to the Parking Dickets Website. The website has also been designed to welcome the people who park like dicks with a simple yes or no question (try it out).
Dickets have already penetrated the US, Australia and the UK.
A pad of 20 Dickets is available through the Parking Dickets website and Facebook page


Yassss said:

Insert penetration/dick pun here.

Really? said:

So we're just stealing ideas from Amazon and Reddit now?

Scam done bad. said:


George said:

Sounds like a good way to get punched in the face.

Dan said:

Great idea. So when they come back with their kids and all the orher customers walking past their car can subject their kids to obscene pictures! 🙄😒 Give yourselves a ticket.

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