KitKat launches new 'Snap out of it' creative campaign via J. Walter Thompson, Sydney

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 7.13.21 am.jpgKitKat is bringing a fresh take on the enduring 'Have a break, have a KitKat' campaign by taking on modern life's frustrations with a new brand platform; Snap out of it, created by J. Walter Thompson, Sydney.
The new work looks at how the little things in life, such as inbox-overload, the spinning wheel of death or flat pack nightmares can often drive us slightly crazy.

Mail OOH (1).jpgNEKK0306_KitKat_Equity_OOH_BUFFERING_1080x1920px_STATIC_v01[2].jpgSays Simon Langley, ECD, J. Walter Thompson, Sydney: "KitKat has been helping Australians take better breaks for close to 80 years now, but how and why people take breaks has evolved and the new campaign reflects this paradigm shift.
"By taking on the clutter of modern day life, we're reminding people that when life gets a little hectic, sometimes you just need to 'Snap out of it' and have a NEKK0306_KitKat_Equity_OOH_v06_Page_1[29].jpgbreak."
The first film in the campaign focuses on two characters, Harold and Allen, building a catapult in medieval times. But we quickly realise that this is no ordinary catapult, as it has been delivered in flat-pack form. And as with all flat-pack furniture, the less-than-detailed instructions provide no shortage of challenges.
Says Anna Stewart, head of marketing, confectionery, Nestlé Oceania: "Our latest campaign further strengthens KitKat's position as the brand that helps people make the most of their breaks."

Simon Langley - Executive Creative Director
Jay Morgan - Group Digital Creative Director
Steven Hey - Copywriter
Dylan Soopramania - Art Director
Carly Yanco - Strategy Director
Paul Friedmann - Head of Delivery
Bruce Pywell - Group Account Director
Katy Grey - Account Director
Iain Clarke - Print Producer
Production Company: Revolver/Will O'Rourke
Director: Trevor Clarence
Production Company Producer: Nicole Crozier
Editor: Stu Morley
Post Production: The Editors
Sound Design & Music: Nylon


OwnGoal said:

Wow. Given that they undoubtedly had a decent budget that was spectacularly unfunny.

Have a break said:

Ouch. That's a fail on all levels from creative to execution.

Classic responses said:

Typically ignorant, unconstructive comments.
JWT - credit is due.
This campaign, on that type of client, in the current Australian advertising climate of fear and loathing, is solid. Does it break new ground? No. Does it offer a little bit of hope for any of us struggling on similar clients to do work that doesn't make us want to eat our own eyeballs? Yes.

john said:

Did the ending of this spot fall off or are the creative team still on a break?

Great said:

I loved it! Made me laugh. Nice work

Skip W said:

Awesome work Dyl & Steve. Congrats

Made me laugh said:

I like it, solid work.

This is good said:

Awesome. Funny. And in its own right, was the break I was looking for.

why such haters said:

Having worked on Nestle over the years, tip of the hat to JWT for getting an idea like this through. Wouldn't have been easy.

Had high hopes said:

I like 'snap out of it' as a new brand platform, never easy to evolve something as longstanding as 'take a break.'

The catapult scenario had potential, but the gags just don't land and it falls on its arse.

The print feels a bit first thought too. But looking forward to seeing where they can take this.

Nice said:

It's not always easy landing good work on the 'Nestle Mountain', and many of us know that from experience. So it's great to see work like this. Kudos to the creatives and whoever helped push this over the line.

ouch... said:

coulda, shoulda, woulda... it's a reasonable idea but the comedy just doesn't quite land, does it ?

The allen key line said:

made me laugh out loud


Awesome work. Love the print. Great work QD!!

Joe Public said:

Solid work on a tricky client.

ad wanks need to snap out of it said:

I really like the 'snap out of it' thought, it's a great way to ladder up to have a break.

The videos are solid, a memorable way to launch the campaign. The print is nice and simple, good work on a really hard client and I'm sure the public will love it.

Well done to all.

Another old guy comment said:

Very good.
No need for the 60 secs.
Goes nowhere and does nothing the 15's don't do sharper and punchier.
The 'Snap out of it' strengthens the 'Have A Break' asset.
If I was the client I'd be very happy.
This will be picked-up for other markets.
Everyone's a winner.

jesus said:


Dan O'C said:

Got a laff out of me.

seriously? said:

I thought it was funny...

Yahweh said:

who tags themselves 'jesus'
good lord!

Really bad and not funny said:
Hats off said:

Big, long term idea. No over the top product shots. Entertaining. How did you get that through this client? Best ad Nestle have done for a long time.

Reality Punch said:

I really don't think the team that put this together will be high-fiving or patting each other on the back.

Agree to a point on 'Nestle Mountain' said:

Nestle is a creative wasteland, I agree. But I've always thought that the one brand in their portfolio that's the exception to the rule is Kit Kat. Whether in Australia or abroad, over the years there has been some good creative work done on this brand. I'd be interested to know what's changed?

Confused said:

I want to like this more than I do. As someone above noted, it seems like the ending fell off in the edit.

I also can't work out why the chap who eats the Kitkat isn't the one who is stressed out.

And it seems to me that the Snap Out of It line is saying exactly the same thing as Have a Break. You don't need both.

And the 15s are too quick.

That aside, well done.

People way over thinking it said:

Nice campaign for a big, difficult client. Well done JWT.

But... said:

Was 'Have a break...' broken? Nah. So do we need two taglines? Nah.

The visual with the snappin' product are soooo bad from an art direction POV, and rather lame as ideas. If half the above commentators actually think this is acceptable and simply say "tough client", then we're going nowhere fast.

You're all assholes said:

Brilliant ad. Too bad about all the old whiney has-beens in the comment section. Well done guys, finally some good work in a tough category.

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