Mark Latham's Outsiders seeks a TV/video producer, admin manager and two IT experts

Latham-pic.jpegTo fight PC, identity politics, social engineering and cultural Marxism in our institutions, Mark Latham's Outsiders is expanding.

Latham is wanting to hire four staff, working closely and campaigning with him: a TV/video producer, administrative manager and two IT experts. "Young goers hungry to win the culture wars and take back our country!" says Latham.

Send expression of interest and CV to Mark Latham.


Groucho said:

........and here was me thinking April fools day was April 1 not May 1.

Alt-Alt said:

Or you could just hit yourself in the balls repeatedly and achieve the same result.

Imran said:

Can you take a message?

I'm just on the phone with One Nation and Corey Bernardi.

Really said:

Mark is also looking to hire a brain, a soul, and a personality, as he is short in all three departments

The Spectator said:

Michael, have you been hacked?

Screaming Egos Roadie said:

Somebody, plug Rowan's guitar in.

John Howard said:

I wouldn't advise the applicants to enter into a handshake deal.

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