McLaren triples market share with latest outdoor campaign via The Ross Partnership, Melbourne

McLaren-outdoor.jpgMcLaren Automotive has seen a surge in demand following a successful multi-channel campaign via The Ross Partnership, Melbourne across outdoor, digital, print & dealer.

The latest VFACTS figures show that year-to-date McLaren has tripled market share with sales up 237%, making them the fastest growing marque in the sports car segment over $200K in Australia.

Ian Ross of The Ross Partnership, who handles all creative and media duties for McLaren Automotive, said that the campaign is a testament to finding a simple insight that can increase demand for premium brands.

Says Ross: "McLaren is highly regarded as a technology leader, with pure sports car DNA. Thanks to an expanding Sports Series line-up, McLaren is now more affordable than ever for customers. The latest campaign positions the McLaren 540C firmly within the entry level super car consideration set and has generated a very healthy response."


Haaaa said:

So that means they sold three cars.

Warren Buffett said:

Wow, I had no idea Mclarens are so cheap! $357,900 - that's pocket money!

Giggle said:

Yeah, right.

It's not you it's me. said:

So nothing to do with dropping their pricing and having a cheaper car in the range. It was all about the billboards.

Pedestrian said:

Out of home and ideas. Were creatives even involved?

Yes, but where is it? said:

Bet they'll be excited once they find that simple insight they're looking for...

I'll go the lambo... said:

Not even a $350k car can save this ad. Lazy headline, lazy art direction, lazy use of a supplied image. Why P.R. this?

Big boy said:

Good way to generate awareness for the cheap price.

It's all in the numbers said:

Sales went from 10 to 37, not quite as impressive as 237%, but I'm sure it's ready for an Effie.

realty said:

"Not even a $350k car can save this ad. Lazy headline, lazy art direction, lazy use of a supplied image. Why P.R. this?"

Because it sold more of his client's product! After all the wank is peeled away, that's what you are here for, nothing more, nothing less.

Gareth said:

That would have been an amazing shoot...

...for a car photographer in Europe.

You dumb fucks said:

This ad would have zero correlation with the cars sold. Zero. To suggest it does is deluded.

The cars were at best sold despite this ad. But more likely the cars were sold irrespective of these ads.

@youdumbfucks said:

Interested in your comment if you can actually back it up with evidence?

ps, try and respond like an adult if you can?

If this billboard wasn't utter dung said:

They could have sextupled the sales.

Sextuple sells.

great ad! said:

said no one ever...

The Little Emperor said:

Shows the changing demographic of Australia more than anything. I'll betcha 90% of these were bought by foreign businessmen. A few decades ago, tasteless displays of obscene wealth were seen (rightly in my view) as 'being a wanker'. Would I like one? Sure. If I had 350K, should I buy a $50K car and do something about inequity? Of course I fucken should. The ad itself is nothing more than an announcement Mr Ross, lets not start sucking each others insights quite yet.

Lollerskates said:

My sides almost hurt from laughing so much.

In a day where digital is more vital than ever, let's pretend some Static Out Of Home for a supercar of all things raised sales revenues.

And light up the crack pipes while we're at it. Because that's what you're smoking.

What's next? When I see an Emirates logo I want to buy a plane? Nay - I actually buy the plane.

Hey - if that's what keeps whatshisname Ross racing a GT3 McLaren - kudos to him.

I would wager everything I own that every. Single. Buyer.. Has never seen this ad campaign period.

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