Nespresso Australia appoints Atomic 212° to spearheard its first ever virtual reality project

Josh Nespresso.jpgNespresso has appointed Atomic 212° to develop a high-tech, educational virtual reality experience.

Atomic 212° is no stranger to VR and robotics, with a number of projects set to hit the market in coming months. As such, Nespresso has approached Atomic to develop content for its learning and development program, using a combination of virtual reality and interactive 360° video.

Production is already underway across multiple international locations.
Says Ema Hutley, learning and development specialist, Nespresso: "Virtual reality is a game-changer. This project will allow us to engage staff and partner training with a whole new level of digital immersion."

Says Danielle Wylie, learning and development manager, Nespresso: "We sat down with Atomic to explore potential options in the VR space, and immediately we knew they were the right agency for us. Their creative ideas, and their commitment to technological innovation, really stood out."

Atomic 212° executive creative director Jonas Lembke said the territory of VR generates "an impressive new standard for engagement and interactivity".

Says Lembke: "There is a huge amount of energy in the agency right now. Nespresso is an incredible brand with a unique retail experience. Working with VR in the educational space is fascinating, particularly when it becomes a tool beyond entertainment. This changes the whole way the technology is applied.

"While VR is nothing new, it has progressed in leaps and bounds in recent years. Major players like Facebook, Sony and Google are investing heavily in virtual reality and augmented reality. We have finally reached a point where marketers can get some real value.

"With this level of competition among tech giants, we're seeing major improvements, fast, and this is generating huge interest from consumers. This, in turn, is great news for marketers. The possibilities are endless.

"And to be working with a brand as iconic as Nespresso in such an exciting space is the icing on the cake. Nespresso is an exceptional client that makes innovation a tangible reality."

The Nespresso win is yet another example of Atomic's agile creative media model at work. This model - which blends creativity, media and technology - allowed Atomic to pivot into the VR space some time ago, meaning the agency was prepared to handle the workload when clients inevitably began exploring the space themselves.
Nespresso's interactive experience is set to roll out in August.


Etch said:

Stop the bloody press!

Another PR release said:

This is yet another PR release from the PR machine that is Atomic212.

PRing that you are about to do a project in VR is not a story.

I simply cannot believe the crap that comes out of that place.

What's more concerning is that this pure fluff seems to work... with them cleaning up at award shows.

Shaking my head.

Why? said:

Never heard of an agency PR'ing something they haven't even finished yet. What a crock of shit.

Etch said:

@Another PR release

It's like they've developed a successful marketing strategy for themselves or something!?!

Jealous Much said:

@Another PR release ... your comment makes me laugh. The green eyed jealousy monster is a tough thing to control, I know, but keep it together mate.

Shock, horror, a business involved in the marketing industry uses marketing tactics to get ahead.

Oh the humanity!

Go do something useful with your time.

Also, the fact the agency has won work with one of the biggest coffee brands in the world is definitely news.

Dooris Watch said:


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