New thinking from DDB Australia and NZ to create 'unreasonable growth' for brands and businesses

image002 (1).jpgDDB has today, for the first time, released details of its new thinking to create 'unreasonable growth' for brands and business.

The thinking is significant because it challenges the long-standing business premise that growth is anchored to a consumer who makes reasonable and logical decisions to advance their lifestyle.

image003 (1).jpgPioneered by DDB Australia and New Zealand, the thinking is based on the power of unchanging human emotions in a rapidly changing modern world. The central thesis is that we are now, more than ever, living in an "age of unreason."

There used to be three golden rules to grow your business - 1. Win Your Category, 2. Win The Mind of Your Consumer, and 3. Win Today.

Instead, DDB Australia proposes three new rules - 1. Culture Dwarfs Category, 2. Feelings Conquer Thinking, and 3. Long Term Beats Short Term.

DDB Australia CEO Andrew Little said this represents a paradigm shift in theories of business management, and DDB has been rolling this thinking out with multiple clients, including Expedia, McDonald's and Volkswagen, with huge success.


Erm said:

Is this news to DDB? It may explain why they are so far behind most of the agencies in NZ & AU

"attention marketers" said:

If any of these points are new to you, you're in the wrong job.

good vibes and all... said:

no criticism of the thinking, but maybe don't include the photo of a woman looking at phone through the presentation....

Rules rule said:

That looks suspiciously like a picture of Einstein on the slide that bloke's pointing at.

Groucho said:

This looks alarmingly like they're believing their own bullshit doesn't it?

who cares who came first? said:

Who cares if DDB ist the first to think of it - it's still right and will make a difference to their business and their clients. Good luck DDB.

other ad agencies said:


Identity crisis said:

Congrats to DDB for finally working out why they, and advertising in general, actually exist.

Sherlock said:

No shit DDB.

Nick said:

A strong and provocative point of view well backed up with evidence. Great work Leif!

Adgirl said:


trouserpress said:

All sounds like the 'Emperor's New Growth'

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