Officeworks helps Australian small businesses make bigger things happen via AJF Partnership

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 7.40.35 am.jpgIn its most recent TVC via AJF Partnership, Officeworks shows it understands the journey of Australian small businesses and aims to inspire and support them along the way.

The TVC is based on the insight that running a small business is a unique journey, made up of many small moments. And Officeworks helps in its small way as the provider of office products and tools to help small businesses make bigger things happen.

The new TVC is supported by the re-launch of a dedicated small business resource WorkWise. Given many small business owners don't have all the supports of their larger counterparts - a HR team, marketing, finance, or business advisors - WorkWise aims to help them navigate the daily challenges of running a business by offering helpful information, tips and advice.  

Says Karl Winther, national marketing manager, Officeworks: "No matter where small businesses are on their journey, through providing the widest range, lowest prices and great service via a compelling every channel offer, Officeworks offers all Australian small businesses the essential tools that help them unlock their version of success. Officeworks hopes to inspire and support Australian small businesses in our own small way to make bigger things happen."

Agency - AJF Partnership
Executive Creative Director - Andrew Foote
Creative Director - Michael Skarbek
Senior Copywriter - Sandra Galiazzo
Senior Art Director - Dillon McKenna
Senior Producer - Susannah George
Group Account Director - Susan Bird
Account Director - Xavier Hogan
Production Company - Revolver/Will O'Rourke
Director - The Glue Society's Pete Baker
Production Producer - Alex Kember
Cinematographer - Shelley Farthing-Dawe
Post Production - Jon Holmes
Colourist - CJ Dobson
Music - Otis Studios: Alex Gomez & Lukas Farry
Sound - Final Sound
Media agency: Initiative
PR agency: Haystac
Social media and performance agency: Columbus
Digital and content agency: DT
CRM agency: Track


ScenesByDean said:

Beautifully shot Pete. A pleasure working on this for you.

Confused said:

Confused by the talent and art direction.
Feels very European or American?
If we are talking small business in Australia, aren't we talking Aussie battlers?
I think this is missing the mark, and that end shot we he pulls open his jacket and sticks out his crouch and says small for the eight hundred and eighty-eighth time, is just weird.

Anthony Hopkins said:
Lily Hopkinson said:

very inspiring, the best TV ad of 2017. Thanks!

sam kirkby said:

Clearly you don't run a small business. This is everything that it is about. Can't believe it is an ad for officeworks! It is inspirational on every level. Easily my favourite ad.

Familiar face said:

Who is the actor in this ad? He looks so familiar!

Who is the actor? said:

Also trying to find do the actor is. Can find everything else about the add but nothing slit the actor.

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