unveils giant 360° holographic display at AREC event via V.I. + Visual Playground

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 11.39.01 has collaborated with creative agency V.I. and Visual Playground to produce one of the largest 360° hologram displays seen in Australia. The impressive four square metre pyramid was the standout installation for at the AREC conference on the Gold Coast.'s display at the twentieth annual AREC event - a mainstay of the Australian real estate industry - questions how technology could impact agents of the future. The stand was created to draw attention to's efforts to embrace change and innovation in the industry, while searching for new ways that technology could assist its core customers.
V.I. and Visual Playgorund partnered with on the technically daunting project, building the hologram display from the ground up. The end result is an impressive display that has provided the team at REA Labs with a platform from which to discuss new ways of communicating with the help of current and future technologies.

The hologram was not just a creative feat but also a logistical one. Along with typographic supers and multi-camera video imagery floating in a 360° space all synced to a built-in audio system, the delicate precision hologram pyramid is suspended on steel cables floating above the audience.

Says Patrick Taylor, creative director, Visual Playground: "It's not every day that you get a chance to work on a hologram, especially one of this magnitude. Being the type of project that my team and I thrive on, we drew on our technical and visual expertise to create this custom installation - one that I'm really proud of."

Says Chris Winterton, creative director, V.I.: "You've got to love a client like who are adventurous enough to say yes to our crazy ideas and actively particpate in creating new tech."

Agency: V.I.
Agency Principal: Kyle Redpath
Producer: James Fotheringham
Creative Director: Chris Winterton
Copywriter: Hendrik Lustig

Production: Visual Playground
Creative Director: Patrick Taylor
Technical Director: Neil Van Vuuren


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Holograms are sooooooo tomorrow. It's like the future arrived early.

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OMG the future

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