Saniflo improves the flow of Aussie households in latest TV campaign via The Certainty Principle

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 11.45.25 am.jpgSaniflo has launched a new campaign via The Certainty Principle for its unique, revolutionary system the Saniflo Macerating System, which provides an answer to the age-old, one-bathroom bottleneck situation that many families experience.

Families can now install a second bathroom wherever they want in their own home, without the hassle and headache of expensive plumbing work and significantly reducing renovation costs.

Initially the brief was just to create a simple testimonial video with an animation showing how the system works. The Certainty Principle wanted to create a TV commercial that was more than just an animation to really emphasise how great the product is. The agency discussed with Saniflo the importance of leveraging insight and creating an emotional connection with the brand. Considering the subject matter, The Certainty Principle decided to create an engaging "problem solution TV commercial" that highlighted a common problem everyday Australian families can relate to.

Says Matthieu Esprit, managing director, Group SFA: "We approached The Certainty Principle to create a campaign that told this story and message in a simple and compelling manner. We're absolutely delighted with the outcome of the TV commercial."

Says Matt Daunt, CEO of The Certainty Principle: "Rarely do you find a way to reduce the cost of a renovation without sacrificing on quality. It's an incredible product and we look forward to collaborating and helping Saniflo grow as they expand into the Australian market."

Agency: The Certainty Principle
Production Company: Clockwork Films
Director: Beth Armstrong
Executive Producer: Damien Whitney, Heath George


john said:

That kid is right there are 'somethings you can't un-see.'

Pseudonym said:

what the fuck was that

huh? said:

I still dont understand the product at all

hunmmm said:

I have seen this on air three times and I have no fucking idea what it is about. I won't watch it again her to find out.

Bad said:

Wtf? What are they selling? Terrible creative, Awful execution, woeful directing and terribly shot!

Besides that great job!

Huh? said:

I'm completely clueless as to what this product is. They should have followed their initial instinct to just have an animation explaining it. Way to waste client money.

Gilbert said:

Hahahaha.... to all the WTF are they selling comments. Fair point. Saniflo is a poo muncher machine that means you can put a loo in a room where you couldn't have before.

Agree, they really didn't explain what it does.

How do I know? Too many reno shows maybe.

Gilbert said:

Actually would be handy in some agencies I've worked at...

Taken for a ride said:

Classic example of taking the piss out of a clueless client

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