Skoda challenges normal car ad conventions in latest national brand campaign via DDB Sydney

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 10.38.33 am.jpgŠkoda has today launched a new brand campaign, via DDB Sydney, that centres on the idea that you don't have to be famous to be brilliant.

Featuring clever Australians doing amazing things, and doing them differently, the campaign challenges the normal car ad conventions.

Škoda Australia director Michael Irmer said that this innovative brand awareness campaign is unique in that it challenges the buyer to disregard the more obvious choices and, instead, consider Skoda.

SKO0195_OOH_Brand_Campaign_1_Panel_Metrolite_1010x1520mm_33pc_R1.jpgSays Irmer: "Škoda's tagline, 'Simply Clever', encapsulates both the accessibility and the innovation of our cars and SUVs.

"The brand campaign paves the way for an entirely new direction for Škoda in the shape of the Kodiaq. As the first affordable seven-seat SUV from Europe, it is a game changer, one that challenges not only the traditional market leaders in this family vehicle segment, but also far more expensive prestige models."

DDB Sydney managing partner Amanda Wheeler said the campaign pushes against category conventions to stand out in a cluttered market.

Says Wheeler: "In an unexpected approach for a car company, this Škoda campaign celebrates people who are brilliant but not famous.

"The idea of the campaign is to align the brilliance and inventiveness of these people with the brilliance and inventiveness of Škoda, helping to create a greater appreciation of the Škoda brand in Australia."

DDB chief creative officer Ben Welsh said the campaign is sophisticated, subtle and aspirational, and features two Aussies who certainly aren't household names but are nonetheless exceptional.

Says Welsh: "In the first spot we meet Dr John O'Sullivan, the leader of the team who invented Wi-Fi, and a second to be launched in July features Aelita Andre, a 10-year-old artist who had her first art exhibition in New York at the age of four.

"Too many people in this world are famous for being famous, while those who really contribute to society are often overlooked; this campaign beautifully highlights the simple genius and different thinking that has gotten our talent where they are today."

This is the biggest campaign for the Škoda brand this year and will run over three months across TV, outdoor, social, digital and retail nationally.

SKODA Australia Director: Michael Irmer
Marketing Manager: Irena Kelava
Marketing Manager: Andrew Younis
Marketing Communications Manager: Emma Ireland

Agency: DDB
Chief Creative Officer: Ben Welsh
Creative: Dave King
Creative: Jason Woelfl
Managing Director: Nicole Taylor
Managing Partner: Amanda Wheeler
Business Director: Charlie Norfeldt
Business Executive: Sigrid Westhoff
Planning Partner: Graham Sweet
Senior Planner: Mark Arvai
Head of Integrated Content: Sevda Cemo
Senior Producer: Sevda Cemo
Producer Content Film 3: Isabella Harris
Social content creator: Lachlan Stewart
Digital Producer: Maria Cherginets
Print Producer: John Wood

Production House: Exit Films
Director / Content Director: Greg Wood/ Tom Campbell
Executive Producer: Leah Churchill Brown
Producer: Karen Sproul
Cinematographer: Ross Giardina ACS
Post Production: The Editors
Editor Skoda Brand: Bernard Garry ASE
Editor KODIAQ: Lawrence van Camp
Editor Content: Grace Eyre
Colourist: Billy Wychgel
Flame Operator: Viv Baker
Executie Producer: Kate Stenhouse
Producer: Daniel Fry
Sound Production: Rumble Studios
Creative/Sound Engineer: Nat Noyce
Executive Producer: Michael Gie
Producer: Sharika Toth
Music Composter: Rumble Studios


Impressed said:

Not what I'd expect from Skoda. Lovely.

Nice. said:

Looks amazing. Proper idea. Well done.

Car guy said:

I actually really like this. Classy work. Well done.

saw this said:

liked it. perfectly on brand. shot well. look forward to more.

hmm said:

Well those first 4 comments smell very similar and very self-praising...
How fast can you create the illusion of well-received?

Tilly said:

Really lovely. Well done.

@hmm said:

What don't you like about it?

HJ said:

Good strategy. Not famous just brilliant is a good clear thought and a nice point of difference to its competitors.

There is something a bit average about the creative - in my opinion, our wifi hero lacks the charisma or spark to really drive this message home.

On a more positive note, I'm sure the client will be pleased.

Another DDBer said:

Good work indeed!

Justin said:

I saw the 60sec version of this ad on Monday evening this week. I was impressed.
It was well executed and perfect for the Skoda brand,which flies well under the radar for most motoring Australians. Their loss though,as they're brilliant cars.

@HJ said:

That's where I'd disagree with you. I was watching it thinking ''why would you choose this old bloke, he's terrible'. Then I see he was the wifi guy and it didn't matter. To each there own but I liked him more because of it.

@HJ said:

Charisma is overrated - brilliance is underrated. I'm sick of false prophets of reality, give me an imperfect guy who's a genius over a charismatic actor any day.

six said:

Like the idea, execution is flat though. Nice platform with a lot of potential.

loved everything about it said:

The production is spot on, looks like a Super Bowl ad.

The talent is A+, can't believe no one has thought to use such a charismatic, interesting individual before.

The idea is completely unique. Never have I seen a brand associate itself with someone who did something for the first time in the hope their credibility rubs off on them.

Rabubi said:


a-whole-lotta-love said:

I actually really like these and to be honest I haven't liked anything out of DDB in the last few months. This is clean. Smart. Full of class. Well done.

Hedley Lamarr said:

Thought it was Hedy Lamarr?

A fan of the King said:

Nice work DDB. It's also lovely to see Dave showing what he's capable of with car brands, given half a chance.

Rob said:

Hurrah, an Australian car ad that isn't full of cliches.

For an industry obsessed with words like:

'New thinking'
"A new way"

There sure is an absence of real invention, thinking or new ideas.

This however is excellent. Nicely shot, a powerful idea that comes through clearly.

waffles are good said:

Great work Jase. An original idea that stands out from the usual car cliche. Well shot and got me thinking about Skoda and their cars.

Yep said:


Pauline said:

Nice work John, more Australians should know about you being the inventor of Wifi

w.head said: artist aged two not simply clever

Ross said:

I respect Skoda as a product and I hope I'm really wrong about my take on the ad, but the scripting from the mouth of the 10 year old artist screams FAKE to me in the most emphatic way possible.

Ross said:

I respect Skoda as a product and I hope I'm really wrong about my take on the ad, but the scripting from the mouth of the 10 year old artist screams FAKE to me in the most emphatic way possible.

Bob said:

Have seen both these ads now and would actively not buy a skoda now. Some old bloke who once did something and a pretentious 10 year old girl. Didn't even realise they were Australians until someone mentioned it here.

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