Sound post-production and original music composition house Otis Studios launches in OZ

Otis-Studios_Alex-and-Lukas.jpgAward winning composers and sound designers Lukas Farry and Alejandro (Alex) Gomez have launched Otis Studios, a sound post-production and original music composition studio in Pyrmont, Sydney.

Having only just opened its doors, Otis has created the music score in the recent Officeworks, 'A Small Story' campaign for AJF Partnership via Revolver/Will O'Rourke, and the SEEK, 'Why Settle?' campaign for Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne.
Otis-Studio1.jpgFarry (above, right) and Gomez (above, left) have a combined experience of over 30 years working in music production, sound design, sound post and music composition for different media including advertising, film and TV. The duo has worked on many brands including Pepsi, ALDI, NRMA, Audi, Toyota and Tiger Beer.Otis-Studio2.jpg They are past winners of a Bronze Pencil at AWARD for best music score for Steinlager Beer TV.

Says Farry: "We met while working together almost ten years ago and quickly struck up a friendship based around our love of music production. ThisOtis-Studio3.jpg relationship has made it easy for us to collaborate and starting Otis has been an ambition of ours since the very beginning."

Otis was born from a dream to create a commercial studio that could also serve as a music label. After running a music label for nearly a decade in New Zealand, together with their subsequent experience in advertising, they realised the immense creative possibilities if they combined both these worlds.
After an extensive search for the right space and a thorough fit out, Otis Studios opened its doors. Their new music label Sobriquet is currently producing artists in Sydney and Melbourne for future release. 

otis_logo_white.jpgSays Gomez: "We hail from opposite parts of the globe - Colombia and New Zealand - and our music is reflective of this difference in experience and culture. Our common ground is that we both have knowledge and experience in music composition and sound design. Having an understanding of both disciplines means we can seamlessly work and support each other in all our work."


Alex Prior said:

Congrats guys!!! Fantastic, professional and genuinely talented duo, good luck guys!

Andy said:

A great building suited to a very professional and creative team, congrats.

Emma said:

Talented guys and lovely to work with. Congrats!

Steph said:

Congratulations guys! Looking forward to working with you again .

Sally said:

Congrats Team Otis. Very creative and successful duo who will go on to very very good things.

Jesse James said:


Josh said:

Yiew! Congrats gents. Only the best space for the nicest, most talented musicians and producers working in the business.

Redgreg said:

Two of my favourites.

Fabian said:

Congratulations, really talented team, the studio is the best to be inspired!

Gordon said:

Well done you two!

Josh said:

Yiew! Congrats gents. Only the best space for the nicest, most talented musicians and producers working in the business.

Pete said:

Not only two of the nicest people to work with, but incredibly talented too. Congrats chaps.

Bob said:

Legends, both of you. I'm sure you'll do amazing things - look forward to working together!

Simon said:

The best in the business, and the nicest guys too. Congratulations you two.

Motionlab said:

Nice setup guys! We'll reach out next time we need some original tunes..

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