Tim Stuparich: Creative to delivery - What are the perfect conditions for a process of perfection?

Hulsbosch_TimStuparich_jpeg(1) (1).jpgBy Tim Stuparich (left), creative services manager, Hulsbosch

Getting from C to D - Creative to Delivery: What are the perfect conditions for a process of perfection?

Google maps gives us the most direct route from a nominated point A to a point B and gets us there quickly and in a relatively straight line. There are rarely straight lines on the road and these are even more of a rarity when navigating a fast-paced creative process. There will always be some tacking along the way.

In my experience, high-end creative thinkers (left brainers) despise deadlines and formality, but without a great process in place, nothing is likely to get out the door on time. Locking down a process that successfully moves the creative to delivery in an efficient manner is something that can save a lot of stress and time.
Last summer I enjoyed sailing my Laser dinghy and many of the challenges faced on the water relate directly to challenges I face daily in the office. The fact is, the closer you sail to the wind, the slower the boat goes, but if that's the direction you want to head, then some tactics need to be initiated.

Getting a job out the door can sometimes feel like sailing into the wind. So what's required to navigate a successful brand rollout?

An ideal scenario for a brand project is when a client is open, trusting and willing to share information. At Hulsbsoch we operate as true partners with our clients. We are the experts in our field; clients are the experts in theirs. Together, we create great work. Together, we deliver what is needed to get the work done and to deadline.

Just when you think you're on path for a great result; the one serendipitous moment when the uncontrollable is nearly controlled; that could be just the time you're likely to be hit by a solid gust of wind and capsize the boat. Whether at sea or onshore this is the time to regain your balance and trust the process.

The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails - William Arthur Ward

The quote rings true for me as a realist. If you're not careful, a team can become so enamored with what will happen, and what it will be like when they achieve the perfect results, that they can completely forget to do the work. The process is the anchor that is the main source of stability and prevents drifting for a group of passionate professionals.                                                                                                                              

Critical work to manage over weeks and months includes clear briefings, regular communication, open costings, realistic budgets, client involvement/collaboration in the design thinking. There should always be support for a tactical and talented creative studio that delivers innovative design, layout and finished art.

At Hulsbosch we are always looking for improvements and this organic/non-rigid way of working allows us the ability to navigate around the 'course' of a client brief in the most efficient manner. We have effective and proven processes in place, but they remain flexible and adaptable for each unique client opportunity.

In the real world, there is no perfect process, as each job requires a process that works for the individual client and agency, and therefore a one-size fits all does not exist.

However I'm an advocate and guided by the illuminating business principle BPM that supports my job of turning creative ideas into tangible output. (Gartner defines Business Process Management (BPM) as "a discipline that improves enterprise performance by driving operational excellence and business agility." Think of a business as an engine and BPM as a tool to fine-tune every component of that engine in order to achieve maximum performance and you've got the idea.)

Building teamwork that promotes respect for each other's roles and gathering a team that simply can work with a variety of people determines a level of quality work; operationally and creatively. Aim for perfection, but recognise everyone is going to make mistakes; some large, some tiny and all of them will slow you down from getting to the stage of client delivery in the optimum time.

As a multidisciplinary branding company, Hulsbosch can chart and navigate a successful course for a brand, and ensure it sets sails for a prosperous brand voyage.


BC said:

Beautifully said Tim.

Nicole said:

Great read thanks for sharing the insight of what it takes to manage the creative process.

Sarah Hamilton said:

Great article from a great teacher. Nice work Tim :)

Observant said:

With the name Suparich, surely he's the target audience for the McLaren billboard.

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