WPP AUNZ agencies The White Agency and Grey Group Australia rebrand as whiteGREY

WHITE-GREY-Paul_Miles_Press.jpgThe new, combined branding for WPP AUNZ agencies The White Agency and Grey Group Australia has been unveiled as whiteGREY, following six months of cross-agency collaboration and engagement.

The new brand formalises the relationship which began in November last year, when the two agencies moved in together to work in combined space, both at WPP AUNZ's Kent St campus and in Melbourne.  Following this period of familiarisation, whiteGREY will now work under one brand and one financial structure in Australia, providing a range of specialist services to both existing and new clients.

whiteGREY will be led by Joint CEO's - Paul Worboys, previously the COO of Grey Group Australia and Miles Joyce, CEO of The White Agency (pictured above). 
"Combining our brands really formalises the close working relationship we've had since November last year, when we first decided to come together as a collection of specialists," explained whiteGREY's Miles Joyce.

"We've had six months of working together, side by side, both in our Sydney and Melbourne offices to really get to know each other.  It became quickly obvious that our two agencies were not only culturally aligned, but provided complementary specialist skills that had the potential to produce far better outcomes for clients and staff.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 6.23.02 pm.png"Blending our brand names and financial structure is the logical next step in this process"
whiteGREY's Paul Worboys continued: "This is not about creating another integrated agency; this is about specialists within the technology, experience and ideas /creative space working together where possible, and separately if required.

"After six months of harnessing our joint capabilities, we're already creating a culture that unites these specialists and inspires creativity.  We're excited about now formalising that relationship and introducing our new brand to the marketplace, while fostering a stronger, more nimble business built from our collective strengths."  

Says WPP AUNZ CEO Mike Connaghan: "While the relationship between The White Agency and GREY was first announced at WPP AUNZ's full year results in February this year, the new combined branding unveiled this week will finally allow the two agencies to present a united front to the Australian market.

"Ongoing change in the marketplace has seen increased interest in morphing ideas and technology.  The move to combine The White Agency and GREY is one driven by our desire to provide these solutions by having people, technology and great ideas all working as one.
"Both The White Agency and GREY are powerful players on their own, but whiteGREY is a stronger offering." he concluded.  

whiteGREY's Sydney offices are located at 14 Argyle Place, Millers Point and the Melbourne office is located at 16 Palmer Parade, Cremorne.


whiteMale said:

Congrats to all involved.

But whiteGrey? You should've called it off-white. Because that's the colour you get when you mix white with grey. But actually come to think of it, it depends on how dark the grey is. If we're talking grey like slate-grey, then it wouldn't be off-white would it? It would be more like a milky-grey. Or just a really dark white.

I don't know. Probably stick with whiteGrey. Less confusing.

hoopla said:

just call yourselves beige

I get it! said:

White skin. Grey hair.

Yay said:

They both look impressed.

Colour Squad said:

LightGrey would have been better.

Ben said:

Sad to see another legend bite the dust in just a few days.George Patts and now Grey.

Jay said:

What, you've dropped my name!

qt3.14 said:


Karen said:


GO PAUL!!! Don't listen to the haters babe.

Branding said:

This name is two things you don't want to be.

Good move said:

Did Grey have an office in Sydney before this?

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