WWM's Tim Georgeson set to launch 'Oracles' photo exhibition at The Olsen Gallery, May 20

Oracles, Untitled II.jpgAs part of this year's 'Head On' photography festival, World Wide Mind director and photographer Tim Georgeson's 'Oracles' is being exhibited at The Olsen Gallery in Woollahra until 20 May.
Says Georgeson: "Oracles is the elliptical suite of longing subjects suggest the intangible more than they render the physical, and so invite the experience of spiritual feeling. There is a sense that something important, from somewhere deep, is receding or emerging. These poignant symbols offer clues to the riddle of their own mysterious narratives; that the nebulous is always more illuminating than clarity."
Oracles, Untitled V.jpgSays Michelle Parker, EP, World Wide Mind: "We are delighted that Tim has chosen WWM to represent him as a photographer and director, joining our growing roster of incredible stills and motion storytellers. His work crosses the genres of film and photography by merging found moments and fine art."
Georgeson's photos have been shown in solo and group exhibitions in Paris, Perpignan, London, Tokyo, FOAM Amsterdam, ICP New York, Olsen Irwin and Stills Gallery. His work has been collected in private collections in Australia, Holland, France, Japan, Canada, and the US, and in the permanent collection at The National Portrait Gallery of Australia. His prizes include World Press Photo, Leica Camera & Cannes awards, NY Festival and Australian National Portrait prizes.

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