Youi Insurance launches new branded web series 'Who's in the Car?' with Katie Burch via Emotive

Youi_WITC_BurgessBros_Hero_screenshot_01.jpgContent agency Emotive, working with YouTube, has today launched a new branded web series entitled 'Who's in the Car?' for Youi Insurance. 
"How important is it to have a neck as wide as your face?" asks stand-up comedian Katie Burch, in Youi's daringly funny interview with the Burgess brothers.


View Burgess Brothers social short.

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Hosted by Burch, whose career has grown rapidly since she was national runner-up in JJJ RAW 2014, the web series features Burch picking up a celebrity guest and getting to know them better by asking 'tough' questions in her car. The result is a comedic, surprising and extremely entertaining interview series. 
The first video of the series features NRL legends Sam Burgess and his twin brothers Tom and George. Squeezed into Burch's tiny car, the three lads find themselves answering the questions that other interviewers dare not ask.

Asks Burch: "Sam, I heard you tried to get into rugby union but you weren't good enough. You sucked, they dropped you and they won like eighteen games. Is that right?" 
The video series will roll out monthly, with episode two featuring Osher G├╝nsberg and episode three starring The Veronicas. All episodes will be available via Youi's YouTube channel.
Says Simon Joyce, CEO, Emotive: "Working in partnership with Youi and YouTube, we developed an always-on content solution that perfectly complements Youi's more rational product advertising. The objective was to create entertaining content that the target audience chooses to consume, whilst deeply aligning with the brand. In this case we were able to dramatise Youi's key strength of knowing their customers better in order to save on insurance premiums, resulting in three hilarious and unexpected interviews."
Says Hugo Schreuder, group CMO, Youi Insurance: "This initiative is our first foray into content marketing. We want to entertain and emotionally connect with our core audience using a different approach. By juxtaposing Katie's kinetic energy with awkward and fun interview questions, we have developed an entertaining video format with a narrative that reinforces our core brand proposition."
The content marketing program also represents the launch of a strategic collaboration between Google and Emotive. Too many branded video pieces never find an audience to justify investment, nor are they accompanied with a genuine content strategy that truly aligns with brand and campaign marketing initiatives, so the two specialists have joined forces to help brands become more effective end-to-end video content publishers. 
Lisa Bora from Google Australia said this combined approach with Youi and Emotive builds on audience insights and ensures the development of content that viewers want to engage with.

Says Bora: "Content partnerships done well capture audience attention and encourage viewers to build an ongoing relationship with the brand."

Youi Insurance: Hugo Schreuder, Bryan Cawood, Fabrizia Roberto
Creative, Production & Amplification: Emotive
Creative Directors: Mark Harris & Andrew Cameron
Director: Christopher Leben
Senior Producers: Cara Logue & Justine Moyle
DOP: Dan Hartley-Allen
Editors: Uthayan Selvaraj & Sam Gadsden


daz said:

'Let's rip off 'comedians in cars getting coffee''

Carpool (UK).... said:

.......Carpool UK have called asking for their format license fee. Tut, tut Emotive, you used to be better than this.

Angry James said:

Bloody cheap rip off

BB said:

Bit dull

Jerry in Car said:

What's happened to this brand? What has changed?
Its like a car accident you can't look away from, they must have insurance.

Squirel Grabber said:

Can't believe I just listened to a testicle grabbing story - typical low NRL humour. This looks like it belongs on The Footy Show.

Kiwi Lad said:

Did Youi NZ do this in New Zealand? TBF, who wouldn't want to see a localized, New Zealand version Carpool? Funnier with locals than the internationals.

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