AAMI continues roll out of its AAMI SmartPlates learner driver app via Ogilvy, Melbourne

SP_Launch_QLD_8.jpgLeading motor insurer AAMI has continued the successful rollout of its SmartPlates learner driver app with its Queensland launch.
Queensland is the latest state to endorse the digital driving platform for Learners after South Australia led the way in February, with both launches managed by Ogilvy, Melbourne.
The launch is supported by a cinema, digital, film, social and outdoor marketing campaign.

1_Screens.jpgSays David Ponce de Leon, ECD, Ogilvy Melbourne: "We had an amazing week launching AAMI SmartPlates in Queensland. This is a really exciting initiative we are incredibly proud of.  With over 5,000 learners already using SmartPlates in South Australia, it's time for the next generation of safe, confident drivers to get on board.  If you're a learner driver and haven't already downloaded the app, what are you waiting for?"
The Queensland launch comes on the back of demand for the smart driving solution exceeding expectations in South Australia.
AAMI SmartPlates allows learner drivers to track their progress in real-time and identifies skills that need practicing. It uses smartphone technology to track a learner's hours, route, weather, road and traffic conditions, and then provides comprehensive feedback on progress.
The digital platform provides an alternative to the long-standing and unpopular hard copy log book. Importantly, the SmartPlates Road Block feature declines incoming calls on Android and notifies the caller by text. On iPhone, the driver receives a warning notification if phone use is detected.
AAMI SmartPlates meets legislative requirements in Queensland that allow it to connect learners directly with the Sunshine State's road authority, the Department of Transport and Main Roads. This enables drivers to seamlessly submit their completed driving hours through the AAMI SmartPlates app without the need for manual submission.

The AAMI SmartPlates App is available for free download now on the App Store and Google Play.
Download it from the app store today:


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