Aussie expat legend Bob Isherwood targets new opportunities with Innocean role now complete

Isherwood-Craign-Cannes-2017.jpgCB Exclusive - Aussie expat Bob Isherwood (left), who is based in the US, has revealed to CB that he is departing Innocean Worldwide.

The former Saatchi & Saatchi worldwide creative director (pictured far left with Jeremy Craigen (right) at Cannes today) was brought in to Innocean four years ago as an advisor to help set up a Global Creative Council. Isherwood was then tasked to identify and help recruit a global chief creative officer.

Says Isherwood: "Really my deliverables were complete when Jeremy Craigen came on board but they asked me to stay while Jeremy put together the team he needed. That's in a good place, Jeremy is a well settled and I can now move on to focus on an opportunity I see, and have a passion for."

Says Craigen: "To say I'm sad to see Bob leave Innocean would be a massive understatement. He was a huge draw for me joining Innocean and he helped set up the basics for what I believe will be an incredibly successful and creative business. Bob will always be a part of the Innocean family and I for one will always seek his wisdom in the years to come. I wish him the very best."

Adds Isherwood: "I've always been a crusader and believer in the power of creativity. With all the changes obvious to anyone in this business it's clear creativity is still going to be the big differentiator. I'm looking forward to working in this space, helping companies transition from the data world and the consultancy world, to the creative world."


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