BCF has some BCFing fun in new radio campaign via Clemenger Brisbane to push its stocktake sale

bcf hero image[2][1].jpgBCF (Boating Camping Fishing) has launched a new radio via Clemenger Brisbane, that reminds outdoor enthusiasts that getting dragged around the homemaker centre sales isn't all bad.

Ben McConnell, marketing manager at BCF, wants us to take heart in the knowledge that next door to every snooty towel emporium and boring rug shop, is a BCF. 

Says McConnell: "We're all about helping people have a bit of BCFing fun. So even if you're stuck in town over the stocktake weekends, at least you can have a laugh at these ads."

Marianne O'Brien, creative director at Clemenger, said that commercial radio is packed with spots for all the big retailers at this time of year.

Says O'Brien: "Everyone's on sale right now. So we thought we'd use the landscape to our advantage, and help BCF stand out from the noise."

The radio campaign drew on the voice talents of comedians Sam Simmons, Rhys Nicholson and Jean Kittson.

It will run until the end of June, across a number of stations on the Australian Radio Network (ARN).

Client: BCF - Boating Camping Fishing
Marketing Manager: Ben McConnell
Brand Manager: Sarah Cogzell
Marketing Coordinator: Melissa Guymer
Marketing Coordinator: Emma Yerbury
Agency: Clemenger BBDO Brisbane
Managing Director: Rob Hudson
Creative Directors: Cristian Staal & Marianne O'Brien
Copywriter: Christie Luxton
Business Director: Richard Boland
Senior Account Director: Allison Witherspoon
Agency Producer: Robyn Dodd
Sound Designer: Rosco Audio


Get BCF'd said:

BCFing!!!! A few years back and this would have got a creative fired

Marg Stewart said:

We can fully understand how the creator of this advertisement with this wording would have been fired a few years back but even with the acceptance these days of almost any language, my husband & myself still feel that this ad is totally repugnant & inappropriate to be shown before 8pm.

It gives a message to young children that using the 6th letter of the alphabet is perfectly all right, this leads then to them using even stronger language & saying it is the norm.

We've been in BCF stores once or twice but after this ad has been aired & pushed in our viewing space too often for our liking, we will nev eff set foot in one of these stores again as our protest.

Gutter language belongs in the gutter & should not be such as to be an accepted social way of speaking.

Marg Stewart

f ing said:

there are no standards in advertising one can only assume money changed hands to allow this advert I have not been in store since these low life's put out this advert

Not fun said:

Really enjoyed your ad when it was fun. Totally not into fishing camping fun and the great outdoor being associated with guns. Now I am just irritated when it is on. Was it funded by the gun lobby? Looked at your reply to the complaints regarding the use of the word "gun" but I didn't buy it . Sorry but you have lost my support.

Neil said:

This campaign is low brow, clunky, crass, immature and irritating.

Should I ever need a product that falls within BCF's range, I'll be shopping elsewhere until they change their tack.


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