Rh7thm launches with a new agency model that integrates marketing, innovation and ventures

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 9.11.46 am.jpgResponding to the challenges of a world of accelerating change, a new marketing, innovation and ventures group Rh7thm is formally launched today.

The group draws on a deep and diversely experienced team, bringing together founders Julian Ward, formerly founder and MD of creative digital agency We Are Social Australia, a veteran in the agency world as well as in the start-up and advisory space, and world-leading Futurist and author Ross Dawson, the founding chairman of Advanced Human Technologies, to build a company focused on greater effectiveness today and making better decisions in order to navigate tomorrow.
Rh7thm integrates a forward-facing marketing, technology and innovation company with a ventures group, including advisory and investment in game-changing startups and its own ventures. The group includes VR/ AR/ MR specialist MultiDimensionCorp, which provides strategic advice and development services and runs a corporate research consortium in the space as well as a number of other innovative start-ups.

Says Ward: "Rh7thm has been completely engineered for new times. We are putting the right things at our core to deliver more effective, agile and evidence-based marketing, technology and innovation services, with a greater range of ways to look at this both pre and post spending client dollars. The world is moving much faster than industry or agencies are.

"We are bringing experienced and adaptable people who understand client business and will be supercharged by the Rh7thm 7 Drivers Knowledge System, which puts our team members in the actual terrain with game-changing companies, as well as participating in our own ventures as part of their role. This is built into the culture from day one. It is fundamental to the ability to effectively advise clients as we go forward."

Says Dawson: "We actively explore the future so we can better create success for our clients today. Organisations need to understand how their business, customer and industry environment will evolve to market effectively and develop the right capabilities. Our ventures activities are strategically focused on where we see the biggest impacts converging, building our insights and ability to help our clients understand in their current context what they need to do drive growth and opportunity."

Rh7thm launches with a highly experienced executive team, including COO and chief of brand Rosanna Iacono, formerly holding C-suite and brand lead roles at home and globally for companies such as Nike, Jurlique, Freedom Furniture, and Sass & Bide. Phil Brown, who comes from a leadership role heading up content strategy at King Content will be head of content, and as head of client strategy industry stalwart Rob Shwetz.

Says Iacono: "Having operated primarily in the C-suite and on boards over the last decade what has become increasingly apparent to me is that the marketing and communications industry has not kept up with the pace of change, adding complexity by continually bolting on new disciplines versus questioning and re-designing the core model to make it simpler and more relevant to the challenges faced."

Says Shwetz: "We have reached 'peak supply' for consumers, with an abundance of products and services to choose from a global marketplace. 'Peak experiences' have yet to be reached along the consumer journey. Connected and cumulative experiences provided by the brand are critical, from the AI behind your bot, linking to data and CRM systems, to category-owning and valuable content, to new retail environments in AR/VR, for example. These tools are just part of the new armoury in the emerging battleground and need to be more integrated, not more disparate."

Says Brown: "With media channels fragmenting further and the deluge of poor content, gaining and holding audience's attention is a growing challenging for clients. The big picture of delivering on objectives and brand equity is too often lost. We need to be smarter using cross-channel integration of content with strategies focused on delivering return for clients."

The company has been operating below the radar for some time, and has already worked with a range of prominent organisations in Australia, Europe and the US.

For more details visit: http://rh7thm.com/.

(Pictured L-R: Julian Ward, executive chairman / founder, Rosanna Iacono, COO / head of brand, Rob Shwetz, head of client strategy, Ross Dawson, CEO / chief futurist, Phil Brown, head of content.)


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Wants their logo back!

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How does one pronounce your company name?

Future said:

I hope that name is the stupidest business decision you make. It's pretty bad so you have a lot of room to make mistakes.

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Well done Phil B.

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