Shane Crawford stars in 'Milk Loves You Back' work for Lion Dairy & Drinks via AJF Partnership

Milk Loves You Back campaign ambassador Shane Crawford shares pints of milk that he says got him from the benches to the field with fellow Hawks fans at the Glenferrie Hotel in Hawthorn 2.jpegLion Dairy & Drinks has launched a behavioural change campaign via AJF Partnership, Milk Loves You Back, that celebrates the natural goodness of Dairy Farmers, Pura and Masters milks and reminds Australians of the essential nutrients they naturally contain.

Milk Loves You Back has launched today on World Milk Day (June 1) and is built on an insight from the Australian Health Survey that nine out of 10 Australians do not consume the recommended serves of dairy each day, and research that shows only 20% are aware they should be consuming around three serves of dairy every day.

As new research from Lion Dairy & Drinks reveals more than 3 in 5 (63%) Aussies nationwide are 'udderly' confused about the conflicting dietary information available, the Milk Loves You Back initiative aims to remind consumers nationwide of the benefits of Dairy Farmers, Pura and Masters milks and ultimately encourage greater consumption with the call to action to 'grab some goodness'.

Backed by father of four and Hawthorn legend, Shane Crawford, the initiative will see the Milk Loves You Back logo added to Dairy Farmers, Pura and Masters milks to grab shoppers' attention. On-pack branding will showcase the eight nutrients that naturally appear in Lion Dairy & Drinks' milks, provide nutritional information for each of the nutrients, and, ultimately, reassure consumers that they are making a healthy and nutritious choice.

Says Darryn Wallace, marketing and innovation director, Lion Dairy & Drinks: "Research shows many Australians are confused about - or have forgotten - how nutritious our milk is and the goodness it brings to all the dairy foods we love.

"With the launch of the Milk Loves You Back campaign we're reassuring shoppers that when they pick up any Lion milk carrying the logo, they're getting the goodness of eight essential nutrients naturally contained in our milk. Ultimately, we want to inspire Australians of all ages to rethink milk and dairy, inspire them to enjoy more of the dairy foods they love and hopefully come closer to achieving their recommended daily serves."

Says Adam Francis, executive creative director, AJF Partnership: "We are proud to help Lion Dairy & Drinks launch a campaign that reminds Australians of the importance of choosing nutritional food is as easy as choosing milk. Quite simply if you love milk, the good news is with eight essential nutrients, milk loves you back. Our creative is a simple one to remind people of all the benefits a glass of milk delivers."
The Milk Loves You Back logo and nutritional information will initially appear across Lion Dairy & Drinks' white milk brands and will then be added to other milk-based beverages and yoghurt products from late 2017.

The home of the Milk Loves You Back campaign is, a consumer- friendly hub with pints of information about how milk benefits your muscles, mind, energy, smile, eyesight4 and so much more.


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