Sigma Healthcare launches new 'Just Ask Amcal' brand platform via Naked Communications

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 7.12.33 am.jpgTo celebrate its 80th Birthday, Sigma Healthcare has relaunched the Amcal brand with the help of Naked Communications.

The much anticipated launch positions Amcal as the community's best known pharmacy for patient care, by focusing on the expert advice Amcal pharmacists provide to all Australians. The work has involved an overhaul of the brand's visual identity, a new advertising campaign, refreshed in-store experience and several product and service innovations currently in development.

Says Craig Adams, strategy director, Naked: "Just Ask Amcal is so much more than a smart line; it's a simple yet powerful idea that's going to redefine the way that people experience the Amcal brand from head to toe. With action at its heart, the platform further empowers the brand's pharmacists to engage with those in need of some helpful, healthy advice."

Says Jon Burden, executive creative director, Naked: "At a time when consumers are understandably getting confused about whether pharmacies only exist to sell discount perfume, the Just Ask Amcal platform brings the focus back to what a trusted professional the local Amcal pharmacist is. For our advertising work we used the current madness of people seeking advice from 'Dr Google' and elsewhere to highlight how speaking to an expert is really the only way to get good health advice."

The launch campaign is now live across TV, radio, catalogue and in-store. On TV the brand 30 second spot is supported by a range of 15 second product spots.

Says Sarah Pizzey, general manager marketing and merchandise at Sigma Healthcare: "This campaign represents the first steps we are taking to move the Amcal brand forward and take a lead in redefining the role that pharmacists play in people's lives. While people's experience of the pharmacy category has never been more varied and in many cases poor, Amcal continues to represent accessible professional healthcare, so the Just Ask Amcal work gives people a simple reminder of where to go if you want good advice from a medically trained professional and great customer service."

Sigma Healthcare
Sarah Pizzey - General Manager, Merchandise & Marketing
Ashley Thompson - Marketing Manager
Jaymie Fennell - Advertising Manager
Sarah Harrington - Retail Campaign Manager

Agency: Naked
Craig Adams - Strategy Director
Jon Burden - Executive Creative Director
Damian Sloane - Art Director
Tim Collins - Copywriter
Adam Grant - Copywriter
Alita McMenamin - Head of Account Management
David Shekleton - Senior Account Director
Brigitte Dagg - Senior Account Manager
Blake Dawson - Account Executive
Honae MacNeill - Agency Producer
Production Company: Brilliant Films
Steve Back - Director
Stephanie Ceccaldi - Producer


hummm said:

Hummm unmotivated camera move. First thing you learn not to do.

No said:

There may have been an idea and even some humour in there at some point but it's lost in this serioulsy mediocre execution.

No said:

Seriously mediocre execution.

Doctor strange love said:

I get the point.

Problem is, when my grandma / driver offers me advice for something that worked for them, I kind of trust them over an underpaid chemist who couldn't have been bothered becoming a doctor.

I especially trust them over an underpaid chemist who couldn't have been othered becoming a doctor who also is likely to be benefiting from big, nasty pharmaceutical companies like Sigma, which is also why they insist on generics over the brand name because they make a better margin off it.

Punter said:

Don't hate these. They probably could have been funnier, but they're pretty good - for retail.

heed your own advice said:

someone should have 'just asked' a director.

Observer said:

Jon's right. This is what happens when truly creative people leave AdLand.

GroundhogDay said:

This is the exact tag line that was used for Amcal in the 90s - Are they claiming they came up with it?

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