We Love Jam Studios collaborates with renowned director Jeff Darling for 'What It Is To Dance'

WLJS.jpgWe Love Jam Studios has teamed up with long-time collaborator and director Jeff Darling to produce an original music track for "What It Is To Dance" for perfume Map of the Heart.

We Love Jam is always looking forward to opportunities to work on artistic challenges such as this and work in longer form mediums.

Composer, Hylton Mowday, who last Friday earned a "Silver Pencil" at the 38th Annual AWARD Awards, explains what was particularly challenging about this piece was the requirement to write the music around the dancers, as opposed to the normal other-way-round.  With this method came stimulating challenges with synching and difficult time signatures, namely compound time. Mowday loved creating unique electronic sounds to give each character their own rhythmic personality.

Says Mowday: "We opted for something more primal, and went for a simpler percussion drum track as we felt the rawness it evoked was timeless. The wonderful Dr Dave Goodman on drums brings rhythmic flavour and emotion. As always I am thrilled for the opportunity of having worked on this fresh collaboration with Jeff."

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Ruben Paradiddle said:

Yeah ... naaaa. Nothing new here. From the stilted, repetitive 'music track' that goes nowhere and has quite honestly been done to death to the boring, pointless slo-mo dancing. Why bother? Not quite my tempo!

I was excited to watch this. said:

And then I watched it and I wasn't excited anymore. Not exciting, not cool.

Ventura Spleen said:

Who writes this spin? What a load of dribble to push their services. "... rhythmic flavour and emotion..." Ohhhh God, give me a break. The emperors new clothes syndrome....

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