303 MullenLowe extends NSW Fair Trading's 'E10 Fuel for Thought' campaign from TV to outdoor

NSWE10_10732688_E10_HONK_OOH_C_1224x324px_R2 (1).jpg303 MullenLowe Sydney has launched an outdoor campaign for NSW Fair Trading that gives drivers pauseNSWE10_10732688_E10_RUNS_ON_CLEAN_OOH_C_1224x324px_R1 (1).jpg to reflect on the benefits of using E10 fuel.

NSW Fair Trading appointed 303 MullenLowe in late 2016 and this yearNSWE10_10732688_E10_VAN_CLEAN_OOH_C_1224x324px_R2 (1).jpg began rolling out a campaign called 'E10 Fuel for Thought'. The campaign includes three TV commercials, social, digital, radio and an information-rich website, which sets the record straight about the safety and reliability of E10 petrol - and which cars are compatible.
Says Matt Clarke, managing partner, 303 MullenLowe: "Our task was to lay out the facts about E10 to fight misconceptions and myths in an easy-to-understand way, improving people's knowledge and giving them access to trusted and proven factual information."

E10 is regular unleaded petrol blended with between 9% and 10% ethanol - a colourless alcohol that can be used as an alternative fuel and is considered a renewable fuel when produced from agricultural sources.

To help NSW drivers ascertain if E10 is a fit for them, 303 MullenLowe developed an online compatibility checker along with the website that explains why E10 is suitable for the majority of petrol-powered cars on the road today.

The outdoor campaign continues to direct drivers to the E10 Fuel for Thought website.

For more information, visit www.e10fuelforthought.nsw.gov.au.

Client: NSW Fair Trading
Agency: 303 MullenLowe
ECD: Richard Morgan
Copywriter: Harry Stanford
Art Director: Nick Plomp
Managing Partner: Matt Clarke
Business director: Meredith Raskopf
Chief Strategy Officer: Jon Mckie
Planning director: Remi Couzelas
Head of Broadcast: Sean Ascroft
Broadcast producer: Ana Pinheiro
Head of digital production: Mark Davies
Digital Design Director: Alex Beech
Content producer: Sarah Ng
Social strategist: Chelsie Paulson


George said:

Honk if you don't mind greatly reduced range for almost the same price.

You can dress the product up, but it's still a duck.

Low ranger said:

A valiant attempt at promoting a deeply flawed product

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