Aussie owned LA shop Mistress launches new spot for the new Layton Series Mystery Game

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 9.53.57 am.jpgHow can anyone resist a hamster? This puzzle-solving rodent was created by Aussie-owned independent L.A. advertising agency Mistress in less than three weeks to promote the New Layton Series Mystery Game:

The "Layton" mystery game series from Level 5 Abby has been enthralling and perplexing fans for almost a decade on Nintendo 3DS. But to launch the first game in the series ever to be available on mobile devices, Mistress realized that Level 5 Abby had to do something big... or, rather, something small.
In its newest ad, Mistress created an adorably sneaky, puzzle-solving hamster to play the role of the protagonist. The production wasn't easy, requiring live-action, 3D animation and special effects, which typically take months from concept to production. However, with the launch of the game around the corner, Mistress teamed up with SF/Seoul-based Puppetar to create to complete the entire spot in just 3 weeks.

The spot will be released globally in over 4 languages, with placements both on television and online. It lands amidst a broader social media campaign created by Mistress that has reignited fans' passions about the series leading up to the game's release.
Agency: Mistress
Executive Creative Director, Partner: Damien Eley
Strategist, Partner: Christian Jacobson
Executive Director of Integrated Brand Management: Victoria Edwards
Creatives: Adam Wagner & Liz Levine
Sr. Brand Manager: Kylie Wu
Project Manager: Berna Dikicioglu
Director of Production: Dave Horowitz
Production Company: Bastard Productions
Producer: Jack Zegarski
DOP: Evan Papageorgiou
1st Camera Assistant: Seth Gallagher
Gaffer: Patrick Walter
DIT: Daniel Woiwode
VTR: Claude Shires
Production Manager: Maria Thompkins
Leadman/Art Director:  Chad  Tomlinson
Art PA: Nick Delgado
Wardrobe: Anna Su
Hair/Nails: Sreynin Peng
Key PA: Taz Luke
PA: Kim Vorse
PA: Joel Seidl
PA: David Herrera
PA: Sean Pritchett
VFX: Wolverine
VFX Supervisor: Chuck Dulin
CGI/Animation: Puppetar
Chief Creative Officer: Jae Chael Hong
Producer: Scott Coulter
Color/Finishing: Unreel Media
Mix/Sound Design: Lime Studios
Music Composition: Ari Balouzian
Talent: Ashlynn Yennie

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