Australian behavioural advertising company YomConnect launches in Los Angeles

3.jpgBrisbane-based behavioural advertising company, YomConnect has announced it has launched in Los Angeles, California.

YomConnect's proprietary software helps brands to better understand and communicate with potential customers, while growing and retaining new market share through advanced predictive advertising.

Its YomConnect media network, which is predominantly Australian and American, provides brands access to over 143 million segmented customers. This allows a brand to build relationships with deeply engaged audiences who want to buy from them.

YomConnect works with such varied clients as major airports, sporting franchises, tourism, financial and retail brands, breweries and entertainment.
Says David Scopelliti, director and co-founder: "Our methodology is simple - word of mouth is still powerful advertising. That's why we focus on endorsed content views - trusted content endorsing and educating a brand or product directly to their friends or followers who engage with them. We go even further - collecting a research sample at the point of advertising. This allows brands to optimise their future campaigns with any audience. The results? Well, our rates of engagement speaks for itself."

Says Natalie Scopelliti, managing director and co-founder: "We consistently deliver higher engagement than other mainstream and digital mediums, and maximise the outcomes for brands by combining research with endorsed content views. The result is more cost effective predictive advertising, and research data that brands can apply to all their media buys. This is tried, proven and scalable, and that's why we have now come to engage with companies and agencies in North America."

Adds Scopelliti: "It's not enough to just run an advertising campaign and push your ads out hoping you reach the right target. The digital space is crowded and you only get a few seconds to make an impression. This is all just the tip of the iceberg. When a client engages YomConnect we provide a tonne of extra value for each brand's media buy."

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