Big Red Group secures exclusive rights as reseller of AI marketing platform Albert

6V4Fik21tdt2UMVRX56p101G49BvOHwoH9-3ccfkr8U.jpgThe newly formed Big Red Group (BRG) has secured the exclusive rights to bring the world's first Artificial Intelligence (AI) digital marketing platform, Albert, to Australia and New Zealand. The announcement was made last night in Sydney by group co-founder Naomi Simson (pictured).

Simson was joined by 150 guests where she announced the exclusive agreement as the first big play in market for the group, alongside a major shake up of online experience retailer RedBalloon and associated businesses.
Albert is a fully autonomous, enterprise-level artificial intelligence marketing platform that drives digital marketing campaigns from start to finish for some of the world's leading brands. Created by Albert Technologies Ltd. (formerly Adgorithms) in 2010, Albert's success transforming major brands' cross-channel digital marketing efforts with its self-driven technology has been well documented in the U.S. The AI platform has been publicly credited with driving 40 per cent of Harley-Davidson's New York City sales, influencing lingerie brand Cosabella's decision to replace its digital agencies with AI, and creating so much demand for Dole Asia's canned goods that its suppliers initially ran out of stock before ultimately reaching an 87 per cent increase in sales across the board.

Says Geoff Farris, CRO, Albert: "Albert wades through massive amounts of data, converting it into insights, and autonomously acting on these insights, across channels, devices and formats, in real time. This eliminates the manual and time-consuming tasks that currently limit the effectiveness and results of modern digital advertising and marketing. But more importantly, it lets businesses execute and scale their efforts at a pace that simply isn't possible by human teams."

The agreement entitles the Big Red Group to distribute Albert to third-party media companies, across entire supplier chains, as well as to direct-to-consumer retailers, under the registered business Big Albert AI Pty Ltd. Albert will drive down customer acquisition costs and increase positive commercial outcomes for thousands of Australian businesses.

RedBalloon launched the technology on 1 June this year, and within 24 hours of deploying Albert, the technology was able to identify and execute over 6,400 keywords to improve performance across the RedBalloon business. By way of comparison, this would take a human SEM expert up to a year to achieve.

Albert was also able to reduce the cost of acquiring a customer to RedBalloon by more than 25 per cent in less than 30 days, demonstrating its capacity to reduce overall costs by north of 40 per cent.

Says Simson: "We have trialled this amazing technology across RedBalloon and Wrapped and it has proven its effectiveness beyond doubt.

"Now we want our business community to share in the upside that comes with more efficient marketing spend. We're not reducing our marketing budgets in any way, we're simply ensuring that our dollars - and the dollars our partners pay us to do what we do - are working harder and harder day after day.

Simson is aware of the tensions that surround artificial intelligence technology, recently bought to the fore by Tesla's Elon Musk, who claimed AI poses an "existential threat" to human civilisation.

However Albert's track record alone refutes this sentiment. In the U.S., Albert is at the core of a number of new hybrid man-machine digital marketing departments at companies like Harley-Davidson, Cosabella and Dole Asia, where artificial intelligence handles everything data and tech-related, while Albert's human counterparts handle all things strategy, creative, intuition and emotion. These use cases reveal that such hybrid teams produce exponentially better outcomes than either man or machine would produce on their own, and that the nature of their work together is collaborative rather than combative.

Says Simson: "When I started RedBalloon in 2001 it cost roughly five cents to find a new customer - now across the board in the businesses I deal with I see it costing upwards of $20 to find that same customer. This is completely unsustainable for any business.

"We have seen Albert drive down the cost of customer acquisition by a quarter in a matter of weeks. Imagine the difference this sort of technology could make to businesses across the country.

"Ten years ago business was all about offshoring to the cheapest operator those tasks that were not core to your business. But those roles associated with manual and process-driven tasks have largely been replaced by technology now. The next generation of that is a rising tide of technology that is beginning to replace higher functioning process driven roles.

"But we should not be fearful of this, as it frees our people up to focus on the higher value tasks like collaboration, strategy and creativity - human and higher functioning skills that at this point cannot be replicated, and certainly not replaced, by AI."

Click here to visit Albert's website.


mmmmmm said said:

Are you sure you can use that name?

mmmmmm said said:

Interesting. Especially when an ad agency is already called Big Red, with an almost identical logo and their email address

i was confused too.. said:

i initially thought of ted horton's big red... this seems like too similar a name, in too similar an industry to be possible?

Startled said:

That doesn't look like Ted Horton!

Ted said:

Looks like Ted's finally found a way to live on after he's gone.

Lawyers at 10 paces?? said:

Ted Horton's Big Red Group has been around over a decade. For an AI company this new mob doesn't appear so bright.

Francis Rossi said:

Is that you Ted??
There's only one Big Red and there's nothing artificial about their intelligence.
It's like a tribute band.

Client said:

A basic google search by this 'newly formed group' should have stopped them ripping off an existing agency's name and equity. Uncool and completely unprofessional.

Knew IT said:

I've always thought Ted was pretty smart.

Johnny Depp said:


Adam F. said:

Good to see Big Red doing something a bit more progressive than Down Down. Go get em Ted.

What the? said:

'The newly-formed Big Red Group (BRG)' - I'm really fucking confused... the name... who actually owns this? Ted? Who? What?

Huh? said:

Ummmmm. Ted already has this name. Try again.

wow said:

Major F Up.

Jim said:

I honestly thought this was spin off from Ted's Big Red. But it's not. It's a new company with the same name. And that's not very Intelligent.

Unmotivated said:

Ah Red Balloon. The gift you give when you never want it to be redeemed.

Elon Musk said:

This is bluff and bluster from one of the best at bluff and bluster.

" it would take an SEM expert up to a year" Bullshit. Modern SEM has been run via some of the most advanced algorithms and data sets for years. 6500 keywords would take maybe 2 mins for a modern day, data driven digital marketer. Would I believe that they could structure volumes of first, second and third party data within an AI platform for meaningful impact? Never

I find it hard to comprehend that they have anything that comes within 1M KM's of the SaaS models offered by Google, IBM and Watson etc.

This type of drivel deserves a roll of toilet paper to wipe your chin with.

Really? said:

I think Ms.Simson has made a big blue calling her business big red.
I'd start thinking of another name now if I was her.

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