After an award-winning decade Clemenger BBDO Melbourne CCO Ant Keogh set to depart

Keogh.jpgCampaign Brief Exclusive - After a magnificent award-winning ten years, Campaign Brief can reveal that chief creative officer Ant Keogh is departing Clemenger BBDO Melbourne.

In that time, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne won Campaign Brief Agency of the Year a record seven times and just won Cannes Agency of The Year 2017 and D&AD Agency of the Year 2017.

Last month, Adweek named him one of "10 Global Creative Leaders that are Reinventing the Advertising Industry".

Campaign Brief Australia has ranked him the #1 Creative Director in Australia for the past several years, and he has headed the Bestads Australian Creative Rankings for the last decade. and is ranked #7 in the world.

Says Keogh: "I'm leaving the agency at a time when we've just produced some of our best work and had wonderful success at Cannes (Agency of The year, 50+ Lions). On one hand, it's a crazy time to leave but if you think about leaving on a high, it makes sense.
"Clemenger Melbourne and the BBDO network in general is a great place, full of clever people who I was very fortunate to work with and whom I learnt a lot from. I'll miss many of them and, although I'm excited by what's ahead, I'm also sad to be leaving, especially since I've enjoyed long creative relationships with James McGrath in particular (17 years or so), many of the other CDs, planners and staff in general.

"At Clemenger we always took pride in creating real work that real people saw. If the work won awards, that was a bonus. I plan to continue that ethic. (It's weird to even have to make that distinction but, as we all know, the industry can lose sight of itself sometimes.) I've always been interested in creating long-term brand platforms, big integrated campaigns and, at best, ideas that transcend advertising and reach popular culture.

"In the very short term, I'm taking some time out for personal creative projects while I think about the next steps.

"In the future I'd like to work a bit more flexibly. I have lots of ideas for digital content in mind - I'm fascinated by YouTube and other online 'Creator' platforms, especially as film re-emerges as the language of the web, with everyday tools like Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, Snapchat, and innovations like 360 film, V.R. and A.R. It's a very interesting space. 360, especially, is still in its infancy, its 'Charlie Chaplin' phase. There's so much ahead...

"My next move - I could do it in a smaller way, even out on my own (I've been at huge agencies for 20 years or so) or perhaps I'll just find another great creative network in which to make a home. Either way, it's an exciting prospect to be able to shape my own creative working environment. Whatever it looks like, I'd like it to be high on effect / low on nonsense.

"At times, the marketing industry can make things way more complicated than they need to be. It is a complicated media landscape we live in; very, very difficult to get a proper perspective on, so we shouldn't make it more difficult by over-complicating the simple bits."

Says James McGrath, creative chairman, Clemenger BBDO Australia: "After 18 years of working together, eight years at GPYR and ten at Clemenger BBDO, Ant with a mind full of new projects and reflecting-on his next creative decade, has decided to leave us, to best pursue the next chapter with openness and independence.

"He leaves on the world-beating high of Agency of the Year at Cannes, a testament to his creative leadership and extraordinary ability. I cannot express enough the absolute privilege of working with Ant, he has made my working life an extraordinary joy and obviously marked it with brilliant productivity of the highest quality.

"No doubt our collective paths will crisscross as he works in his various capacities as a creator extraordinaire."

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 7.46.16 am.jpgFor the past ten years, Keogh was the executive creative director of many award winning campaigns such as TAC 'Meet Graham', Snickers 'Hungerithm', Bonds 'The Boys' , Tourism Victoria 'Melbourne Remote Control Tourist' (Grand Prix at Spikes, Winner of South By South West interactive award 2014), National Australia Bank "Breakup" (Grand Prix at Cannes), Four 'n' Twenty 'Magic Salad Plate' (Gold, Cannes), Australian Guide Dogs 'Support Scent' (Gold, Cannes), Carlton Draught 'Slo Mo' and 'Beer Chase' (both Gold, Cannes), Carlton Mid print (Gold, Cannes).

bigad_glass (1).jpgAs a copywriter, his most famous work was writing the on-going Carlton Draught "Made from Beer" campaign (first created in 2004), ads including "Flashbeer" and "Big Ad" which was recently voted "No.1 Beer Ad of the Last 15 Years" by The One Show and included in the Sydney Power House Museum's "Top 10 Greatest Australian Ads" and AdNews 'Top Ten Australian Ads of All Time'.

He helped Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne win Campaign Brief 'Australian Agency of the Year' for seven years out of the past ten, 2017 Cannes Agency the Year, 2017 D&AD Agency the Year, Number 1 Australian Agency in the Big Won Report in 2016 and Number 8 agency worldwide, The Big Won Report #8 ranked Agency Globally and #1 Australian Creative Agency, APAC Effies Most Effective Australian Agency 2015, Mashies Most Awarded Digital Agency globally, Spikes Asia #1 Australian Creative Agency and #2 APAC Agency, Global Effie Index Most Effective Australian Agency 2015, and WARC top 100 #9 World's Most Effective Agency 2016.


One of a kind said:

A scholar and a gentleman. All the best sir, sure whatever you tip your hand to next will be as successful as your past endeavours.

hey hey we're the monkeys said:


Supernaut said:

Simply. Legendary.

Secret Admirer said:

I've never met Ant but can only thank him for his contribution in helping us as an industry demonstrate the true business-building power creativity can have. Good luck.

Chappy said:

the best in the country. one of the best on the planet. best of luck, Ant. not that you'll need it.

LT said:

Big news! Big moves! All the best Ant. You gave everyone constant benchmarks to work to. Looking forward to a Funkuncle album soon.

Supernaut said:

Simply. Legendary.

EC said:

Absolute legend. Classy tribute from James as well.

Paul Nagy said:

Truly genius. Genuinely, honestly humble. Piss funny. Karaoke legend.

Can't wait to see what you get up to mate.


Mike said:

Never met the guy, but the quality, breadth and depth of the work speaks volumes. Undoubtedly the best creative mind in the country.

RS said:

Brilliant brain. Humble and great dude. Good luck mate.

Good luck said:

An outstanding career to date. Good luck for Part 2.

Greidy said:

What an admirable fellow.

Well done and good luck Ant.

Tony Leishman said:

You were always destined for big things Ant.
All the best. T

Rob said:

Don't know the guy, but you absolutely cannot argue with the work.
A big loss for Clems.

Rob said:

Or as I probably should have said:

It's a big loss.
Bloody big loss.
It's a big loss it is.


David Blackley said:

.. now we can do that karaoke bar? Congrats on being the absolute best in what you have achieved and striving for for in life

Bezier said:

Never met Ant but I just wanted to say thanks for helping to put us as a nation on the world advertising map. All the best in your future endeavours, mate.

seb halse said:

Such amazing work and very inspiring! A great time to try new things. Good luck Ant

JR said:

Congrats Ant. The nicest and most talented in the business. Best of luck with the next chapter.

Joe said:

Hi Ant.

The Tingle said:

Thanks for all the inspiration.

Legend in the proper sense of the word.

Halfpricey said:

Wish you so much goodness Ant.
Recalling our last chat at the MADC After Party. Proud of you for turning a new corner. You're so talented beyond this industry. Can't wait to see what's next for you.

floodout said:

first time there hasn't been a negative comment in the comments section. that says it all :0)

Tim H said:

Good luck in your next move Ant, it was brilliant watching the work you produced at arms length for many years. You're a first class operator, excited to see what you do next

Steve Jackson said:

Love your work Ant. Wishing you all the best for the next chapter. Sure it'll be just as inspiring as the last.

Luke said:

Thanks for the wisdom Jedi master.

Sonia K said:

Congrats, Ant! All the best for your next endeavours - damn you, always excelling at whatever you set your mind to :0

Motionlab said:

What a legend. Best of luck with the future!

Nick C said:

Ant you are easily the best creative I have worked with. What's more was the way you went about it. Always super articulate, calm and never arrogant (which of all people you had the right to be). Good luck and look forward to see what you do next.

Crampy said:

all those things, and a very good guitarist to boot.

Ed Bechervaise said:

A great artist, that has made a huge impact on the 'commercial' industry in OZ, one of the greats to blur the two worlds together. Rare. Hats off to you Ant, you're a true inspiration.

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