Holden celebrates Shark Week with launch of new mockumentary-style video via One Green Bean

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 10.27.33 am.jpgTo celebrate Shark Week, Holden via One Green Bean, has created a mockumentary-style content video, educating Australians on the habitat of the Astra shark, its characteristics and "diet of broken sunnies and hastily stowed fast food wrappers".

Australia, considered a land of ancient tales and fables by many. Where better to find a creature so rare and terrifying, that many believe it to be nothing more than a myth, a suburban legend - the fabled Holden Astra shark?

With less than 1% of Aussies aware of it, you'd be forgiven for not knowing about the hidden Holden Astra shark. However, this elusive Australian creature is making waves with the help of the next best thing to David Attenborough - Colin Cassidy, a celebrity impersonator.

The shark is concealed by the glove box on the outside of the hinge found in every Holden Astra and has quickly become the stuff of legend.

The story goes that a General Motors designer was at home one day sketching a glovebox for a particular model, when his young son said it would be cool if he used a shark in the design.

There have since been many shark sightings in the northern hemisphere, and now it seems the sharks have made their way Down Under in the Astra hatch.

Says Natalie Davey, GM - marketing communications and digital, Holden: "We know that Aussies are fascinated by sharks and are curious about the mystery and legend surrounding the ultimate ocean predator. At Holden, we like to celebrate the unique and unusual, yet it is a mystery to us why this shark has taken up home in the Astra glove box. We want all Aussies to keep a look out for the beast while driving their Astra this Shark Week."


MC said:

This content stuff is getting worse and worse.

No creative idea at all and executed poorly, nice to see the steadicam operator in the car reflections, he was the most interesting part of the production!

'At Holden, we like to celebrate the unique and unusual' said:

And you wonder why the Holden brand is so deeply in the shit producing rubbish like this.

shark bait said:

OGB know better than this. Awful, awful stuff.

How anyone involved with this project thought it was a good idea is beyond me.

There is zero earned media potential. The only way you could get views on this drivel is via paid.... and frankly you'll do more damage to the brand forcing people to watch it.

bait ball said:

well said shark bait

Plasticy said:

Did you just produce work calling the car you're trying to sell plasticy?

This makes me feel.. said:

....car sick

Blood in the water said:

Good on you for having a crack.

Shame on you for having such terrible judgement.

Astra advocate said:

Wonder if this content was the idea of the new exec director......in light of his recent comments in go auto....referring to a new direction for the brand....

Ford said:

Wow. So this is where all the hard work on content has got us. Useless.

lol said:

I'd be surprised if they charged the client for this.

New AD Guy said:

You misspelt existence in your supers.

Also, this is horrible.

No Credits said:

I would've left my name off this as well...

terrible said:

wait...what? how did this get approved, how can an agency of so many people collectively think this was a good idea.

Name and shame said:


Oh my said:

Cheap crap ads say cheap crap products.

awful said:

Too long, not funny, uninteresting.

You had an insight for potentially interesting content - about the designer and his kid (even if it is just a legend around the halls of Holden HQ). you even admitted it! fucking hell take advantage of that rather than this horrible horrible piece of drivel.

first rule of storytelling: Never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn.

Hmmm said:

Looks and sounds very familiar....


oh wait it actually is the exact same overhead city shot

And stay out of content town said:

OGB used to activate great PR on the back of other agencys' ideas.

Their content is terrible. OGB feel like an agency still trading off the reputation built predominately by Droga5, Host and Havas, however they're giving clients terrible work produced very cheaply.

They're putting profit before product and soon that will bite them in the backside.

Account Circus said:

"yet it is a mystery to us why this shark has taken up home in the Astra glove box."

"The story goes that a General Motors designer was at home one day sketching a glovebox for a particular model, when his young son said it would be cool if he used a shark in the design."

Fucking what?!?

yes but said:

The idea and execution is weak but is it any better than the KFC spot listed on another page?

This is part of a broader problem. STOP trying to make content for the sake of making content.

Sales are not dramatically up because of an increase in media output.

Quantity of quality DOES NOT WORK - there are no figures to back up the appalling work Australia continues to make. The scripts are dreadful.

Is it any wonder the crew is in reflection of the car?? You hire students to make content for you?

Images are so powerful. One well executed commercial will have a shelf life far longer than the bullsh#$t we keep pumping out.

A minor thing said:

But if you set a story in Sydney, shouldn't you at least have NSW plates on the car?
But hey, who needs production values!

Astra logical said:

Holden missed the market by attempting to position Astra as a premium model at a premium price, and the car has been slaughtered in sales against comparative models.

It then admitted its brand shift had gone too far and ignored its heartland buyers, as evident in the overall tumbling sales.

Now it has come up with this drivel ..... its management and brand staff clearly aren't learning!

Don't miss out said:

Unfortunately the video has been removed by the user, but never fear, I found another one. Enjoy.


Who's steering the ship? said:

What did I just watch?
Why was it made?
Who thought of it?
Who approved it?
How much was paid for it?

Asleep at the wheel, Holden.

What happened? said:

I was enjoying some of new Holden content. The brand was clearly trying to mend its ways. There was the Mardi Car, and the guy driving his mates around in a Barina. This feels like a Holden is reverting to it's old blokey, bigotted style.

Waste of time waste of money. I can't understand we involved with this brand, Just like new wine old bottle -
how to get views fast

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