Host, Sydney creative director and AWARD School alumni Kirsty Gavin: "How my career moved forward as a mother and a creative"

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 1.55.11 pm.jpgAWARD School alumni and creative director at Host, Sydney Kirsty Gavin reveals in an interview with The Communications Council that juggling motherhood and career is all about backing yourself and debunking your own doubts.

TCC: How many years has it been since you did AWARD School?
KG: 14 years ago

TCC: What have been your career highlights since then? Any favourite campaigns?
KG: While at Publicis Mojo, I was part of the team that created the Burn Campaign (an energy drink) and we developed some content/online films just as the idea of content was emerging via Facebook. While freelancing, I worked on a project that took me to New York to shoot with iconic fashion photographer, Ellen von Unwerth. This was an art director's dream and was extra-special because I'd had my first child only six months prior and was on maternity leave when I got the call for the job. That particular project was a positive insight into how my career would move forward as a mother and as a creative.


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Rare birds said:

This is so refreshing - a senior female creative with kids featured on this blog. More please.

LMJ said:

*cheer KG. Working with you taught me so much, and also helped to shape my career (personally and as a Mother). I'm excited for the next generation to learn from you also.

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