Jake + Josh's D&AD New Blood Diary #1

34935817894_9f78a801f6_o (1).jpgJake Blood (right) and Josh Thompson (left), creative team at CHE Proximity won a Wood Pencil at the recent D&AD New Blood Awards, held in London. Here the team recap the night, ahead of the D&AD New Blood Academy which starts next week.

7:30pm: Dear Diary, Just got to the opening drinks for the ceremony. They're handing out free Pimms. These things are delicious.

8:31pm: The awards ceremony is about to kick off, keen to get into it.

8:32pm: Technical difficulties - microphone isn't working.

8:34pm: It's still not working. The people behind the control panel are losing their minds. We're having a great time.
8:37pm: Technical difficulties all fixed. Found more Pimms.

8:38pm: The President of D&AD has just entered the stage. Hoping the money they spent on lights, smoke machines and the helicopter hasn't eaten into the bar tab.

8:45pm: The smoke machines aren't doing Josh's asthma any favours.

8:49pm: Minor asthma attack. Jake is off to grab more beers. Should help wash down the lack of breath.

8:50pm: Confirmed - the lights, smoke machines and helicopter definitely has definitely eaten into the bar tab. No beers. This is bullshit.

9:20pm: They're about to announce the winners for our category. Hoping to do a Bradbury and win a yellow pencil.

9:22pm: Did a Bradbury (if none of the other skaters ever fell over and he actually crossed the line in last place and won a wooden pencil).

10:40pm: Tried to trade the pencil for two beers at the bar. Didn't work but glad we tried. What a journey.

Look out for Blood and Thompson's diary entries next week as they commence their two-week workshop at the D&AD New Blood Academy.


miamisydney said:

Concrats on the win guys! I knew you had it in you. You're rising stars. If slightly alcoholic.

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