MLA reminds Aussies how great Australian beef is in newly launched campaign via The Monkeys

hv9OOLwjWqD9TQdFHSFudIQQopOBbuPoBXngRLzhjFY.jpgMeat and Livestock Australia (MLA) has launched a new brand platform for Beef via The Monkeys, that repositions Australian Beef as 'The Greatest Meat On Earth'.

The new platform evolves from the previous 'You're Better on Beef' platform by tapping into the latent emotional connection Australians have with Beef, in order to ignite passion for the product, inspire meal ideas and increase consumer consideration.

The first integrated campaign for the platform will deliver this message in a new online content piece and TV commercials that use an original song, "The greatest song on earth", to remind Australians of the greatness of Beef.

6wk80bPJWCsw3liLE3iZTz2RHUIdZW5PdBDSAQu9w6I.jpgCreated by The Monkeys, the foot-tapping spot starts off in a local butcher shop and cuts to famous landmarks across Australia and around the world to show how a customer's request for 'just' a rump steak fails to do justice to the greatness of Beef.

The online piece PFahVbSHk0dL-J7ZuIXPrRFrz93aI9YOms6QXovkfrI.jpg includes appearances from Aussies who embody greatness, legendary cricket commentator Bill Lawry, award-winning actor Kate Ritchie and Olympic gold medallist, Liesel Jones

Says Andrew Howie, group marketing manager, MLA: "Australia produces the greatest Beef in the world. When it comes_jTySqFsjNWFfCrPqawOlPfuKa0IhavjT8WVTn86Nus.jpg to taste, tenderness, flavour and quality, nothing comes close. For most Aussies, Beef holds an important place in their hearts. When was the last time someone raved about the chicken they had for dinner last night?"

Says Scott Nowell, co-founder and chief creative officer: "'The Greatness' platform restores Beef to its rightful place as the Greatest Meat on Earth in song."

Three 30-second edits will deliver supporting messages on why Australian beef is the greatest meat on earth, giving consumers reasons to believe in the Greatness proposition. They will cover Beef's nutrition credentials, its versatility and range of cuts as well as the superior provenance of Australian Beef.

Creative connections agency UM will drive high-level awareness around Beef's new brand positioning, introducing the new song into the Australian vernacular with a heavy weighted broadcast strategy implemented across TV, online video and social.

To further drive engagement and interest amongst Australia's younger audiences, a radio partnership with NOVA FM will allow the new platform to come to life across a number of activations slated throughout the coming months.
Underpinning this will be a year round approach consisting of digital partnerships with and GumGum. Retail out-of-home will have a national presence, along with search activity, all aimed at keeping Beef meal solutions top-of-mind for consumers.

PR, via One Green Bean, will build awareness of the ad and drive further incentives to purchase and consume Beef through practical solutions including recipes and product education.

Chief Marketing Officer: Lisa Sharp
Group Marketing Manager: Andrew Howie
Brand Manager (Beef): Magali Nonnenmacher
Assistant Brand Manager: Jasmin Koch

Agency: The Monkeys
Chief Creative Officer: Scott Nowell
Creative Director: Grant Rutherford
Creative team: Grant Rutherford, Hugh Gurney & Chelsea Parks
Executive Planning Director: Fabio Buresti
Head of Planning: Michael Hogg
Managing Director: Matt Michael
Group Content Director: Humphrey Taylor
Content Director: Samantha Heckendorf
Content Manager: Bec Barnier
Senior Producer: Penny Brown
Integrated Producer: Tanith Williamson
Graphic Designer - James Halliday
Senior Digital Producer: Kit Peebles
Digital Producer: Krystyna Allen
Junior Designer: Lauren Elliot

Production Company: FINCH
Director: Benji Weinstein
Executive Producer: Corey Esse
Producer: Catherine Anderson
DOP: Andy Commis
Editor: Dave Whittaker at The Editors
Colourist: Billy Wychel
VFX Post Production: FINCH VFX
Sound: Song Zu
Musical Director: Ramesh Sathiah
Songwriter: Hugh Gurney
Arranger: Nathan Cavaleri
Sound Designer: Abby Sie
Producer: Katrina Aquilia
Media: UM
Client Group Director: Mike Worden
Senior Client Director: Ed Passerotti
Client Manager: Jacqui Ollevou
Sydney Strategy Director: Chris Colter
Senior Connections Designer: Ashleigh Vogel
Partnerships Director: Simon Turner
Partnerships Manager: Jessica Ngu
Partnership Trader: Emily Ng

PR: One Green Bean
Managing Partner: Louise Pogmore
Senior Account Director: Kirsty McGorty
Account Director: Corinna Fawls
Senior Account Manager: Sariyah Jalaluddin
Account Manager: Taylor York


congrats said:

that's really funny, love it, good job BW!

Great said:


credit where credit is due said:

Smart, ownable platform. Fun idea nicely executed. Well done all round! I bet the famers are going to love it, as they should.

W said:

Fuck yeah! You guys smashed that out of the park better than Bradman could.

Campaign Beef said:

Brilliant. Meaty idea. Well done.

Happy Friday said:

Isn't it great when our industry can make this type of work. I hope it sells a truckload of beef. I think it will. Well done to everyone involved, including that client guy who seems to know how to buy great work.

Great said:

You guys slayed it. Congrats!

Huge said:

As one copywriter/musician exits the industry (Ant Keogh), another one takes the stage. Take a bow Hugh Gurney!

Phil said:

When the work is great like this, there are no 'trollers' or negative comments. Brilliant stuff.

Bloody good said:


Beef. Well done. said:

Great casting, writing, and strategy. And hats off to Benji for awesome direction.

Tom Hoskins said:

WOW. Hilarious!

@phil said:

So true... it's almost like people who work on bad stuff and get called out for making bad stuff use the 'troll' accusations as a defence.

This is prime cut stuff though. Great job!

mike said:

Just like the way I like my steak. Bloody and brilliant. Well done. F'n great job.

Meat Lover said:

Big, daft, fun and memorable - just like great advertising should be - well done Team.

Extra plaudits to the client for buying the work, backing his agency, backing off and letting the guys land this on a plate for you.

Yep said:

Great stuff.

Truth said:

Another great local idea from the Monkeys. It will work it's arse off and sell a ton of beef. Aussies will love it. Very funny.

Not to be negative but it won't do anything on the international award stage. Not much of work the Monkeys do does. I thought and hoped some of the Lamb work might pick up at some of the big global shows but it didnt. The work doesn't resonate with our international friends.
Someone in an earlier comment mentioned the legend Ant Keogh. Somehow he is able to take Aussie culture and humor and make it relatable to an international audience too . It can be done.

Again, not be negative. Just speaking the truth. As long as the work works right?
Awards should always come second anyway.

Shakka said:

Big fan. Of the work, and that Gurney & Parks duo.

Question said:

I quite liked these. Not ground breaking, but nice.
But now that The Monkeys PR team have commented, can anyone explain the Boyfriend gag? Some dreadful continuity and an inexplicable gag.

Kudos said:

Well done indeed.

What the entire PR team comments at once. said:

Agree, these are nice. But they are certainly not THAT nice.

Jared Rebecki said:

Hugh and Parks seem to be doing a lot of great work..... Well done guys!

I dont get the boyfriend gag said:

What's the boyfriend gag about?

Wow said:

Have BMF lost beef too?

That's Lamb, Beef and XXXX / Extra Dry / 5 seeds in a very short time.

Chicken Larb said:

Well played and well played, H&C. Love your work.

Gurn down for what?! said:

I feel GREAT!!!

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