Myer celebrates 100 years with 'Australia Lives Here' campaign via Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne

MyerTV.jpgMyer and Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne have launched a new campaign titled Australia Lives Here.

The campaign showcases the role Myer has played in Australia's history and the continuing role Myer plays today as Australia's largest Department Store, delivering the trends and products that shape our lives.

At the heart of the campaign is a list of 100 items sold by Myer between 1900 and 2000 that have brought about significant moments of societal change. Items like the Coolgardie Safe, the first TV or the first vacuum. The memories these products created and the role they have played in Australian households will feature across TV, digital, outdoor, print and social.

Through the campaign these classic products are juxtaposed with their modern equivalent. The old pocket watch has been replaced by the FitBit, and old toy tin planes replaced by drones.

From 8 August - 15 September there will also be an interactive exhibition at Myer's iconic Bourke Street store in Melbourne, and to complete this exhibition Myer is asking for Australians help.

MyerShoe.jpg30 items on the exhibition list are missing and Myer is calling on people who have these items to submit their story at If you have one of the original items, you'll be in with a chance to win its 2017 equivalent.

Got an AWA TV from the 1950's? You could win a brand new Sony Widescreen TV. Got the classic 1960's Etch A Sketch toy? You could win yourself a Samsung Tablet. Or if you've got an original 1960's Barbie doll then the 2017 Barbie range could be yours.

To see the list of items, find out more about the campaign or enter a submission go to

Says Stephen de Wolf, executive creative director, Clemenger BBDO: "As a department store Myer has played such an integral role in shaping Australian lives. So many timeless products have been brought to our shores by Myer and deciding which ones to highlight was hard. We've got the ball rolling but this campaign will really come to life when we hear from others."

Says Michael Scott, executive general manager brand, marketing and loyalty, Myer: "Every Australian has a Myer story MyerWatch.jpgto share. For my family, it was always a special occasion heading in to town from country Victoria for a shopping experience at Myer, and those memories and products have stuck with me over the years. Through Australia Lives Here, we are keen to hear from our customers on how these iconic products have played a role in their lives. This campaign and exhibition celebrates the beautiful stories that Australians have to share, and documents the rich history of our country."
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24 Comments said:

Australia Lives Here?


Groucho said:

And yet for most of it's history it was Grace Bros in NSW.

So.... said: you think anyone at Myer or Clemenger realized the line had been used before?

Of course they did but I suspect they didn't fuck'n care.

The use of that line in the context of Myer's idea makes a load more sense than some tortured gag about Arnie and Austria. And no punter is going to waste a single second of their lives worrying about whether REA once used the same endline.

The scary part said:

Honestly, it was shit then and it's shit now. It's a shit line.

But it wasn't only on one campaign in 2014. It was the brand's payoff line across everything for 3 years, up until very recently (I actually think it's still in use on some of their digital stuff).

Reckon it's just lazy using another brand's line, irrespective of whether it fits your work better.

So so said:

It should be Australia shops here. Maybe it's a typo or something?

Short Memory said:

A very banal debate on the end-line.

Especially a bland line from a different product category.

Where was the outrage when Clemenger launched 'Combank Can', a line used by ANOTHER BANK - 'Westpac Can' - not long ago?

Not a murmur.

Poor memory? said:

Think you'll find Commbank work came from M&C

Banal? said:

Stupid line, stupid work on both accounts. But are we that fucking unprofessional as an industry now that we're all just okay with this?

Short Memory said:

@Poor Memory.

My bad. But the point about two bank using the same line remains.

@short memory said:

Clemenger have NAB, so it seems rather unlikely they were launching a campaign for Combank.

Myer is not my store said:

They may have ripped the line off but the strategy is a good one. Just about the only thing Myer has going for it are people's memories. Build on those and hope everyone can remember the good things rather than focus on the bad.

They are so fucked when Amazon get here though.

Realestate is Australia Lives Here said:

Yes uses Australia Lives Here. It's there in the website.

End line distraction said:

Nice print though

Was.Is. said:

DJ's ran a campaign: David Jones. WAS. IS. ALWAYS which played to the same heritage strategy. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Dogsauce said:

How is this nice print? I couldn't imagine a more basic idea. Okay art direction, and that's where it ends.

wow said:

This looks seriously cheap... bet Clems still charged a fortune for it however.

Looks cheap, done before and you nicked the line said:

Tall poppy syndrome is alive and well in Australia.

Uhh said:

They did steal the line. And it is cheap looking. And it has been done before.

I'd say that makes it a very short poppy.

@Uhh said:

The only thing that steals everyones lines, is cheap looking and has been done plenty of times before is your Mum.

@@Uhh said:

Do you even know my mum?

@Uhh said:

Sadly yes.

It's a messy business which I'm sure she'll tell you about one day when you grow up.

Not me... said:

I'm sorry but I grew up going to Grace Bros not Myers. At least a nod to the old name would have conjured up some strong memories for me.

CC said:

So, is it worth a visit? How many items from the list of 100 are actually on display, or is it just pictures and ad-boards?

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