Non-for-profit organisation Uniting launches new brand positioning campaign 'With Heart' via Re

UNICAR0147-Aged-Care-2-[FACEBOOK]-1200x628 2 (1).jpgAt a time when our world is becoming de-sensitised, Uniting is calling for a return to the personal touch. In collaboration with strategic brand agency Re, Uniting has launched its third brand-positioning campaign since the not-for-profit's rebrand in May last year.
The Uniting 'With Heart' campaign calls for a return to living life with compassion, and respect; for a life to be lived with heart.  The campaign showcases the 'un-corporate' values of Uniting through inspirational customer stories.

UNICAR0147-Disability-Services-[FACEBOOK]-1200x628 (1).jpgSays Sandra Black, chief customer officer: "Since the launch of the Uniting Brand in May last year, we've enjoyed continued growth in brand familiarity and awareness. The 'With Heart' campaign builds on last year's success, cementing the brand's people centric values.
"It aims to drive up awareness of who we UNICAR0147-Early-Learning-2-[FACEBOOK]-1200x628 (1).jpgare and what we do, but more importantly the way we do it. That is, our people genuinely care, not because it's our job but because it's what people deserve."
The people Uniting serves, are people like 77 year old aged care resident, Armida Wilson, who just loves to dance. Or three year old Jesse, who loves to play superheroes at pre-school. The campaign showcases the heartfelt moments that are part of everyday life at Uniting.
Says Black: "We want people to know that everything we do, we do with heart.
"There may be times in people's lives when they need to choose a Uniting service for the people closest to them. It's often a difficult decision to make, but if you look for a place where everyone does what they do with meaning, with heart, it can empower and enable that loved one. That's the message we want to convey with this campaign."
Says Patrick Guerrera, founder and chief executive officer, Re: "This campaign truly is something special. Each and every time we embark on a creative journey with the Uniting team we uncover something more unique, and more heartfelt about the way they help people.
"This campaign captures who Uniting truly is - and that is something special."
The Uniting campaign is being rolled out throughout NSW during July and August as a poster and digital campaign, with pop-up kiosks in Bankstown and Orange from 30 July.


Cynical said:

Call me cynical (since that is my Nom de Blog).

But everything about this campaign says nothing. The images are identical to so many other spots celebrating 'realness' that they seem fake. The voiceover is anodyne in its earnestness. I've watched the spot three times and recall any of it. Rather than the traditional plunky piano, the music daringly tries plunky guitar so I guess that is something.

Worse, contrary to the client's wishful/wistful quote, it doesn't tell me who they are, what they do, or the way they do it.

It doesn't attempt to explain that they are a non-profit, or why this good.

The for-profit companies that do what they run identical campaigns.

Non-profits have a good story. Uniting (after you Google them) has a good story.

Tell us that story, not this pablum.

Bah humbug.

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