PayPal launches campaign via Isobar to connect socially awkward generation with its P2P function

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 8.05.18 am.jpgAll across Australia, millennials are playing hide and seek with each other every single day. Housemates are hiding in their bedrooms, workmates are ducking into the toilets, and friends are avoiding replying to texts. Why? Because of the tiny debts that turn into a big deal when avoided.
To combat this, PayPal Australia via Isobar, has launched an integrated marketing campaign encouraging millennials to skip this awkwardness and better manage their finances. Because here's the thing: the PayPal app makes paying your housemates, workmates and friends back as easy as paying with PayPal.

Developed by Isobar, the campaign was inspired by the insight that millennials are looking for new ways to pay to avoid the awkwardness of having to chase money or swap bank details in social settings.

PayPal's P2P function within the PayPal smartphone app addresses this by offering a three-step transfer process - less steps than a bank transfer - to transfer money to friends of family. All you need is their email address or mobile number to transfer funds instantly.

Says Liz Lefort, head of consumer marketing at PayPal Australia: "84% of Australians feel awkward or stingy asking their friends to pay them back and our number one excuse for not paying our friends back is that we have 'no cash'."

Drawn from PayPal's owned customer data and consumer research, the digitally-led campaign will run from 30 May until 31 August. Including social content across Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, digital above-the-line, PR, media partnerships and influencer engagement, this is the first time PayPal has specifically targeted the millennial consumer in the Australian market.

Says Lefort: "The millennial audience is an important group for us, they're mobile savvy and are looking to find easier ways to manage their money. We are excited to put together a campaign that speaks to this audience in the channels they interact with on a daily basis."

PayPal is kick-starting the 'pay-back' by putting their money where their mouth is, transferring the cost of a coffee to 3,000 active millennial PayPal users to encourage them to pay back their mate for the coffees they owe. This is accompanied by Facebook specific video content highlighting the awkward money moments millennials face every day. PayPal is also collaborating with Snapchat for the first time to take avoiding the awkward moments to the next (filtered) level to reach the millennial audience.

Says Lefort: "At PayPal, we want to help Aussies avoid the awkward and to simplify the payback process. With the PayPal app all you need is an email address or mobile number to instantly send money you owe - details you probably already have and details your friends can easily and safely share.

"Avoid the awkward and just PayPal it."

Client: PayPal Australia
Digital and Social Media: Isobar Australia
Media: Vizeum and iProspect
Public Relations: Edelman Australia


Depressed said:

Australia is making so truly shit ads these days. Production values zero. Shot on iPhones and written by high school students fresh out of AWARD school. We are all f*cked. I'm going to the pub.

mm said:

As a 'millenial', this feels like a made-up insight by older creatives who don't actually get who we are.. no one does this..

M&C and CommBank said:

Can we have our strategy and creative idea back please? You can keep the execution.

@M&C and CommBank said:

Don't kid yourselves.

There is no strategy on CommBank. At least none that's evident. 3 years ago you launched a platform, now it's just wallpaper like the rest.

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