Sony Music launches new 'Viva la Vinyl' campaign via //Thirteen & Co and Bonsta

1 SONY VLV PF PM THIRTEEN&CO.jpgSony Music Australia has launched a new campaign bringing the nostalgic world of vinyl records back to life.

Music purists have long understood the beauty of vinyl in providing a clarity and depth of sound, but now the rest of the world are beginning to catch on with vinyl records making an unexpected comeback.

Shot by talented //Thirteen & Co director Pete Moore, the campaign aims to capture the essence of what analogue music delivers to the listener, creating a sensory, emotive, fantastical world that envelopes your entire being.

13 SONY VLV PF PM THIRTEEN&CO.jpgSays Moore: "Music is heavily emotive, it makes us feel and imagine. That's why I think vinyl can take you to another place. With this resurgence or revolution of vinyl we want to share that analog experience of music. That when you drop that needle down16 SONY VLV PF PM THIRTEEN&CO.jpg and the music and vibrations envelope you, it takes you away. It communicates those stories of artists in a pure listening experience like no other."

To continue the theme of analogue purism, much of the film was shot on 16mm film, specifically brought in from Los Angeles. Super 8 film was also20 SONY VLV PF PM THIRTEEN&CO.jpg used to create a sensory mixed format look, harking back to the days when vinyl was king.

The hero film features Pink Floyd's classic "The Great Gig in The Sky" from the iconic 'Dark Side of the Moon' album - without debate, one of the greatest records of all time. Other films created feature Sony Music artists such as Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, AC/DC and Jeff Buckley.

Says Roy De Giorgio, executive producer, //Thirteen & Co: "Pete Moore continues to evolve his aesthetic. This work perfectly captures the zeitgeist of a time when music ruled and could change the world."

Says Nick Bonney, creative director, Bonsta: "Whether it's actually being able to hold the record, hearing the warm crackle as you place the needle down, or just taking in the stunning albums that are artworks in their own right, there's something wonderfully intimate about vinyl that makes the whole listening experience... more of an experience. I think Pete has done an amazing job at capturing that."

Agency: Bonsta
Client: Sony Music Australia
Director: Pete Moore
Production Company: //Thirteen & Co
Producer: Charity Downing
Executive Producer: Roy De Giorgio
Director of Photography: Chris Miles
Production Design: Elisa Baker
Editor: Lucas Vazquez
Grade & Online: Matt Fezz
Sound Post: Sony Zu
Sound Engineer
: Abigail Sie


Ferris Wheel said:

Music Director: Abby Sie?! Surely that would be Dave Gilmour ... or maybe Roger Waters wouldn't it?

Brian said:

Let's be honest... She hasn't listened to a vinyl a day in her life.

Go-on-sun said:

This is a superb piece of film making.

Nice work. said:

Super(8) into this

Fucking viewless said:

Why the hell does 'view the spot' not link to the spot? Is the fucking spot a secret?

CB IT guy said:

Hi Fucking viewless,

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Groucho said:

@CB IT how lucky we are to have someone who knows to help us who don't. Thanks.

Vinylhead said:

Isnt it nice to hear from a swearing IT Nerd who think they own the world of computing and know everything. Go stick your head in a server and turn it on... He was only asking for advice ... D Head, !!!

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