Stan feeds Australia's hungry eyes in latest campaign via Richards Rose, Sydney

STAN-Hungry-Eyes.jpgStreaming service Stan is satisfying Australia's craving for premium entertainment via a new campaign launching tomorrow via Sydney independent agency Richards Rose.
Since its launch campaign starring Rebel Wilson in 2015, Stan has gone from strength to strength securing some of the world's very best TV shows - even commissioning and producing its own homegrown Stan Originals. This latest installment of 'The Biggest Deal in Entertainment' platform is set to the passionate pulse of Eric Carmen's famous 80's track "Hungry Eyes" and features a smoldering character from a bygone era who's captivated by the irresistible content Stan offers in 2017.
Brought to life by Australia's foremost comedic director Tim Bullock, the audience is taken on humorous and intriguing journey of discovery through the nation's cities and suburbia with an unapologetic nod to 80's pizazz. 

Stan-hungry-eyes-poster.jpgSays Adam Rose, executive creative director and founder of Richards Rose: "When we launched Stan in 2015 we had little more than a name and a bold vision to play with. Now in 2017 there is some seriously desirable content on the menu and ultimately the latest campaign is a love story - one man's longing for Stan's irresistible line-up. Like a moth to a flame, he and his hungry eyes do whatever is necessary to take a closer look at any Stan infused screen. We've had a heap of fun bringing it to market. I'd like to thank all our valued production partners - in particular Tim and the team at Scoundrel."   
The integrated campaign launching tomorrow will be led by; an online feature, multiple length brand spots, extensive digital & social, press & outdoor, plus an array of fun contextual content executions to drive the campaign across the year.

Agency: Richards Rose
Executive Creative Director: Adam Rose
Senior Writer: Dom McCormack
Senior Art Director: Liam Hillier
Head of TV and Content: Tanya Hairman
Senior Account Managers: Emily Sherwell & Anastasia Potter
Digital Designer: Mac Archibald
Senior Digital Producer: Dani Kartika
Production Company: Scoundrel
Director: Tim Bullock
Executive Producer: Adrian Shapiro
Producer: Julianne Shelton
DOP: Garry Phillips
Editor: Adam Wills
Post Production: Blockhead, Sydney
VFX Supervisor: Stefan Coory
Senior Producer: James Eivers
Photography: Nick Wilson
Music: Hungry Eyes via Music Mill
Sound Design: Rumble Studios
Engineer: Nathaniel Joyce

Client: Stan
CEO: Mike Sneesby
Marketing Director: Melanie Novacan
Head of Brand: Diana Ilinkovski
Stan Creative Director: Benjamin Jones


DG said:

Funny stuff Timothy Bullock

Flame Grilled said:

Hungry Jacks did it better.

Sad said:

Who needs a strategy an insight or an ode when u need to do is borrow some cheesy equity. Funny ad. But for what?

Loz said:

@ Sad

For entertainment you twat. That's what we do. Find another career.

Optometrist said:


Pretty sure the last time i checked you watch TV with your your eyes. If they're hungry they need feeding. Seems like a pretty clear and simple strategy. I agree with you it's thick on the fromage but that's why it's a funny ad. Piss funny.

LA Producer said:

Old joke done badly. Weak strategy to trade on the creative equity of a bad 80's track. Stan's campaigns have been stronger in the past. This is tired :-(

Joseph Averagé said:

Might be funny and cool for ad folk, but the everyday punter will just find this weird, strange and ultimately just ask wtf?

everyday punter said:

Haha, that's funny shit. I totally get it.

truth said:

My whole family cringed when seeing this last night on telly.

Danny Boy said:

OTT and thick on the fromage...and sadly not funny.

Object of desire said:

That Adam Rose has a pair of hungry eyes

Coca cola 1986 said:

We'd like our song back, please.

Dadi said:


Soz said:

My mum hates this ad

Big Hair said:

My wife dragged me into the living room to watch this. She loves it and she's not in the ad game. It's brave for Australia and yeah, funny, really funny

Eric Carmen said:


Sorry to hear your mum hates this ad. She usually loves things when I'm with her.
Entertaining, funny and stood out more than anything else on air last night. Well done Stan.

BFG said:

So appallingly try hard and bad - but keep kidding yourselves people. Go right ahead. Meanwhile in the real world it's just another shit and annoying ad.

Sax Sells said:

Funny, memorable and a simple, relevant idea to boot. All good things in my experience. Compare this to the recent coloured wallpaper from Foxtel. Despite some expert commentary above it's pretty obvious which the real world will be drawn to. I certainly know which I'd rather have my name on.

pugwash said:

nice 2 see RR staff defending their work, however we've all being seeing this same ad for decades, let alone everytime u go into an event cinema.

well done but dull concept, yes everything retro is daggy...

babushka said:

Oh man, I have a hearty laugh every time I see this! Great spot!

Nick said:

Foxtel work is consistently better than this. Sorry.

Alex Haigh said:

Talent looks great.

Brown Eye said:

This spot just came up in my Facebook feed via a share. Googled and arrived here to find out who's behind it. Total props to the agency and director. The hundreds of likes, positive comments and shares on the post certainly outweigh the few haters here.

Getting Jiggy with it said:

Oh Brown Eye..Are you agency or the production company?... "I googled it"..Seriously, that line is funnier than the whole spot.

Brown Eye, the ad is a howler.....even the bad lip synch does not add another layer to the humour.

Top job! said:

Great stuff. Talent is priceless.

Truth said:

Anyone who comments on a blog defending the work by saying "I had to google it", "My wife dragged me in to see it", "My roommate cracked up", "the everyday punter will love it" or my personal favourite "I was at the pub and everyone stopped to watch it" are all bloody liars! Big fat liars from the agency or production company.

FOXTEL said:

Nobody's touched our "spaghetti bolognese"...

Damien said:

Stan are up against massive competition in Foxtel and Netflix without the same money to spend on premium content. They've got to to be different to stand out and this ad does that. You won't forget it and the message is clear. Great spot.

santa said:

who's the saxophone actress?

The nurse said:

Just want to know who he/she is supposed to be, stupid ad, not imaginative at all, hate it

Tash said:

Love the song and the guys eyes are amazing!

Judi said:

Love this ad. Stop what I'm doing to watch. The guy is strangely attractive,who is it?Clever! Clever!!Clever,
HUNGRY EYES.....makes sense to me...


Steve said:

Main actor looks a lot like Kristen Wiig!😃

Nicole said:

We love this ad!! The character looks just like my son would look if he donned a shiny silver '80s suit and blow dried his hair! Brilliant, catchy ad

Jeannette Johnson said:

Absolute cut through to my demograohic (female 55+, midSES), we are in Love! Might even buy Stan if it helps (us). #smitten #cryinglaughing #70s. Love to see the research group tapes, great targeted ad development. Congratulations from an old comms development researcher.

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