BMF creative co-founder Warren Brown launches new consultancy venture Gutthink and Partners

Warren-Brown-web.jpgSix months after leaving BMF, acclaimed international creative director and BMF co-founder, Warren Brown, has announced the launch of his new venture, Gutthink and Partners, with co-founders ex-CMO, Martin Rippon, and international intellectual property lawyer, Justin Senescall.

"We're about ideas that can deliver a defendable competitive advantage over time."

Not another advertising agency, Guttthink's creative, commercial, counsel is focused to provide an agile approach for business and brand ideas in this age of the unpredictable.
Says Rippon: "CEO's, CMO's, CXO's - the whole C-suite of leaders - are implored to digitise, disrupt and be data-driven in the way they approach things. The issue is you get tied into these big cross-functional projects that soak up time and energy. Then in many cases - if and when they are delivered - the intended advantage has already been superseded by another player."

Says Brown: "We think leaders are looking for external partners who can be quick and agile. A team who can come in, look at a situation, and say 'this is the way to go, this is what you should focus on'.

And that's where international IP lawyer, Justin Senescall comes in.

Says Senescall: "Much of my time is spent trying to protect ideas that have already been 'bought' by a client or may already be in the market. It's lucrative for the lawyers, but frustrating and expensive for clients. By working up-front in the process, there's an opportunity to identify and develop rights in the ideas from the outset to everyone's benefit".

Says Brown: "The name Gutthink & Partners may seem odd, but there is a logic to it. Gut instinct - built on years of experience - combined with relevant intelligence is a potent mix. Data science and algorithms are fine to explain the past and extract the best out of the now. But gut instincts (or intuition) can create a real game changer. This is supported research across the globe.

"In my experience intuition can position you ahead of the pack. The brain is a wonderful thing and remains the best thing we have, until the much-vaunted AI takes over."

As well as offering Gutthink Opinion, the consulting offer, the partners have two other services; the IPfactory, which has been developed to commercialise some of our own ideas, and Gutthink Training, a leadership development module for C-Suite executives helping to harness the role of intuition in decision making, creating more agile leadership teams.

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Redgreg said:

Very exciting - Two of my very favourite people.

Col said:

Congrats Warren!

Russell Masters said:

Congratulations Warren, can't wait to see where this goes.

Nick G said:

Congrats and wonderful news Warren & Martin. Great idea and you will be brilliant.

Hope i can buy you both a beer soon.


Leezy said:

Good work, Wozz - didn't think you'd be out of the game for long.

All the best, mate x

Marie Alessi said:

With this team I cannot wait to see & hear more from you❣️ Wishing you all the best for your new venture!! My respect guys!
Marie Alessi

Jill Smyth said:

Wonderful to hear about your new venture together. Congratulations and all my best wishes for much success. Great Team!!!!

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