CEOs from iSelect, Lion, Suncorp and Suzuki to join ReThinkTV 2017 marketing forum in Sydney

THINKTV.jpgChief executives from iSelect, Lion, Suncorp and Suzuki will appear on stage together at ReThinkTV 2017 to reveal insights and experience direct from the boardroom into how the marketing function can impact business growth.

The prestigious panel, featuring Scott Wilson (top, left), managing director and CEO at iSelect; Matt Tapper (top, right), managing director, global markets at Lion; Pip Marlow (bottom, right), CEO of strategic innovation at Suncorp; and Andrew Moore (bottom, left), director - automobiles for Suzuki Australia, will be a key session at the ReThinkTV marketing forum, which takes place on the morning of September 14th at Luna Park in Sydney.
The hot topic for this year's CEO panel concerns marketing and its ability to drive business growth, specifically asking: "What do marketers need to do to ensure they have maximum impact at the boardroom table when business growth is being discussed?"

Says Kim Portrate, chief executive of ThinkTV: "We are honoured and delighted that these four respected executives at the top of their game have taken time out to be part of what is a critical debate for marketers and for business: what levers should be pulled to deliver growth? As CEOs of organisations with deep expertise in marketing, their views on how to make the function a more valued resource and growth engine will supply powerful insights and inspiration to marketers everywhere.

"With world-first research findings from Ebiquity on media effectiveness, an Australian-first study on viewability across screens from Professor Karen Nelson-Field and a must-see keynote from the 'Ad Contrarian' Bob Hoffman, ReThink TV 2017 is a critical event on advertising and marketing industry calendar for 2017."

Says Marlow: "Marketing brings brands and experiences to life. When these brand experiences are based on real customer insights, we can connect in a more meaningful and authentic way - that's not only good for customers, it's good for business."

Says Tapper: "In this new fast-paced world, reliable data and a greater understanding of our consumer needs are vital to ensuring continual business growth. If we don't know what people are looking for, how can we give them what they want? At boardroom level, marketers' ability to do more with less will also become very important as the landscape continues to change so innovation will continue to be vital for any business growth."
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RethinkTV 2017, Sept 14th at Luna Park, 8.00am to 10.30am.


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