Dan Sultan and Isabella Manfredi recreate Aussie rock anthem in Arnott's campaign via TKT Sydney

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 7.53.07 am.jpgArnott's via TKT Sydney, has brought together talented Aussie musicians Dan Sultan and Isabella Manfredi (The Preatures) to reimagine the classic rock anthem Forever Now for its latest campaign, which launches the brand's new purpose: promoting real connections.

The campaign is made up of a 60-second TVC, with the full version of the song available via Spotify and Apple Music. Arnott's is also showcasing the journey of Sultan and Manfredi's recreation of Forever Now through the release of behind-the-scenes video content featuring jam sessions and interviews with both musicians.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 7.54.00 am.jpgSultan, who has just released his new album 'Killer', was thrilled to work together with Manfredi for the Arnott's campaign.

Says Sultan: "It's always awesome to sing a great tune with great artists like Isabella Manfredi. Forever now is such an iconic song. A real honour to have done it."

Says Manfredi: "I had so much fun recording this classic Aussie track, and singing with Dan was simply awesome."

Says Nik Scotcher, marketing director Arnott's ANZ: "Arnott's chose to recreate Forever Now with Dan and Isabella because just like Arnott's biscuits such as Tim Tam, Scotch Fingers as well as Shapes, the song is a true Aussie classic."

"We all shared the same passion in creating this campaign and our new purpose, which promotes the importance of togetherness. We believe it's about celebrating the small moments shared with loved ones, the moments of real connection, as they become the ones we never forget," Nik said.

Australian comedian Nazeem Hussain provides the voiceover in the TV spot.

Arnott's will feature Dan Sultan and Isabella Manfredi's version of Forever Now in 30 and 60-second advertisements as well as sharing a new music video via their social media channels. The artists will also be promoting their involvement with Arnott's through their own social media channels in the coming weeks.

Get the song on Apple Music.

Get the song on Spotify.


Gyton Grantley said:

Can't believe you didn't use me.

Sign me up said:

That would have been a rip snorter to work on! Always fun working on a spot where you force feed what you believe to the consumer.

Manifesto Template said:

Oh Dear....

Box Ticker said:

Asian person,tick. Brown person, tick. Gay couple, tick. Grey nomads, tick. Kids, tick. Young couple with baby, tick. Dog, tick. Boring, tick. Bland, tick.

Vanilla said:

Just like the biscuits.

hmmmmm said:

If they had of not butchered 'Forever Know' and used an uncut version of the original along with a laconic Australian Jack Thompson VO it would probably work its arse off. As it is, it is quite awful.

Nice. said:

As in Nice the biscuit, thats my favourite.

oh, the ad?

hmmmmm said:

typo....forever now.

Ticking boring boxes said:

I like rusty spoons.

I like rusty spoons. said:

Salad Fingers.

Hurt my ears said:

Saw this on air this week. I literally was stopped cold. This music is the worst advertising cover I have ever heard. Absolutely dreadful. Although both artists are great musicians. This is a terrible mistake.

we've all been here said:

As a cautionary tale about presenting manifesto hype films, this is terrific.

'We love it! Make it!'

'But… that's not the ad'.

'Make it.'

Dear Arnott's said:

Dear Arnott's,
You make biscuits.
Do ads about them.

Oooff said:

I saw this on TV last night and my partner and I burst out laughing.... at how bad it is.


The V/O choice is appalling. The connection being drawn between key life moments and Arnott's is ridiculous and the inclusion of every age/colour/sexual orientation possible isn't inclusive, it's see-through.

Can we get some credits?

Nice. said:

As in Nice the biscuit, thats my favourite.

oh, the ad?

Stop hiding behind TKT said:

We all know TKT is Clems Sydney.

What a shocker of a spot.

You should be stripped naked and marched through the streets.


ermmm said:

isn't this just two old ads (that whilst bland had some craft) cut together and then butchered with a dreadful VO and odd track...

40 year audio veteran said:

I agree with Hurt My Ears - has to be the worst cover I have ever heard. Badly mixed, badly recorded, shocking vocals and voice over. Give me the components and I could at least make it bearable.

Disbeliever said:

I thought the comments above, were just the usual snippy, nasty trolling we get day after day on here, but then I watched the ad and, my God.

My God. My God. My God.

It's truly shite, isn't it?

Manifesto Man said:

Agreed with @we've all been here.

Let this be a lesson to all.

STOP using manifestos in presentations. If you have a good idea, just say it and storyboard it. Don't extrapolate a lofty philosophical movement in a manifesto video.

Because this is what happens.

Cole Chisel said:

What a bizarre choice.

The song. The artist. The stock footage.

Given ATSI's are 4x more likely to get Diabetes, it's a bizarre 'project' for Dan Sultan to have put his name to...

He must've got a really sweet deal.
(I'll see myself out)

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