Domain showcases inspection and auction joy in newly launched TV campaign via DDB Sydney

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 8.28.05 am.jpgWith peak property season about to kick off, Domain has launched its new spring campaign and TVC via DDB Sydney.

Domain will leverage a host of mediums including launching a huge outdoor campaign, an array of new content for social media channels, a TVC, an online video content series, as well as extended sponsorships with The Block and radio segments on Macquarie Radio Network.

The new Domain TVC has debuted and features a catchy track from #1 album selling Canadian artist Serena Ryder. The 60 second TVC follows the emotion of the inspection and auction experience when searching for a home.

Domain has openly embraced outdoor as a key brand awareness channel over the last two years.  This season, Domain has increased the national buy with QMS, APN, JC Decaux, Adshel, Go Transit and oOh! Media. Over 2000 street furniture, billboards, trams and buses will go live during the spring period.

The Domain app continues to be the highest rated property app in Australia and with bold, green creative, "Australia's #1 Property App" will be central to messaging.

New online series The Circle, focusing on QLD

From the writers of Domain's INMA-award winning Avalon Now online video series, Domain will release a new series called The Circle, which follows a group of people frustrated with the expense of Sydney and Melbourne property who make the move to the Sunshine State.

Audiences can expect the same quirky style from Avalon Now that attracted more than 4 million views on social and won several awards over two seasons. The 'supreme angst' of where people choose to live remains the underlying theme throughout this series too.

The first episode of the 6 part series will launch on September 14th, and will be available to watch on Domain platforms as well as Domain's various social media channels, which now reach 1.3 million.

Domain deepens sponsorship of The Block for the third year running

This Spring, Domain steps up sponsorship of Channel Nine's The Block. This season brings a whole host of clever in-show integration.

Shot at the Domain Melbourne offices, Domain's chief economist, Dr Andrew Wilson and chief data scientist Nicola Powell host a property market lesson with contestants.

Alice Stolz, Domain's national managing editor, joins The Block's judging panel on the show each week, scoring the contestants' room reveals and discussing the data around property locations.

New Ben Fordham and Macquarie Radio program partnerships

In radio, Domain will feature in new drive time radio segments with Ben Fordham and Talking Lifestyle morning shows with John Stanley and Garry Linnell on Macquarie Radio Network.

Over 21 weeks, Domain journalists and economists will appear on the programs aired across six stations around Australia to discuss what's hot and interesting in property. Domain will also run commercials aired across the Macquarie Radio Network.

The deal adds to Domain's existing sponsorship agreements with Domain Stadium in Western Australia, the Adelaide Crows and more recently, the new Domain Auction House in Sydney's Double Bay.

Domain's National luxury property magazine 'Prestige' to relaunch

Under the vision of Stolz, Domain has reinvigorated the Australian property print experiences in homes and cafes around the country. Readership of the Domain Magazine has bucked category trends, and in May readership hit a new record of 1.63 million1. The premium content has proven a success with both readers and advertisers.

Launching on August 18, Domain Prestige will also have a fresh look with glossy cover. The liftout will continue to be a national magazine, distributed on Wednesdays through the Australian Financial Review, showcasing the best in luxury Australian property.

The refreshed magazine will also include the new Domain App Codes, automatically linking properties to their corresponding listing on the Domain app, making it even easier for property hunters to find their next home and reinforcing the strength in the Domain app.

Says Melina Cruickshank, chief of editorial and marketing, Domain: "Spring property season remains a big focus for Domain. With listings on the rise, the property market is set for a big season which is fantastic for both buyers and sellers.

"The Domain property app remains central to our marketing. Our investment in the app means it now delivers almost 60% of our enquiry to agents and vendors.

"Each person now spends an average of 55 minutes per month3 on our app, strong growth from 30 minutes the prior year.  We're building a loyal mobile audience with daily app launches also rising over 28% in 12 months4.  We use app launches as a clear indicator of brand engagement as the product is so core to our business.

"The new Domain App Codes - which allow users to instantly scan listings from the Domain Magazine - illustrates why QR codes were ahead of their time and simply waiting for the period where mobile technology became embedded in consumer's lives. With readership to the Domain Magazine hitting a new record of 1.63 million1, app attribution is important for our customers.

"The Domain app is also front and centre in our new TVC. Mobiles are essential in the property hunter's hectic spring season and our snappy TVC shows why searching for property becomes fast and easier when you have the Domain app.

"The team at Domain remain incredibly focused on helping Australians make the smartest and most informed decisions with everything related to buying and selling property."


Auction season is just so exciting said:

Said no buyer, ever.

About right said:

Only white people can be a part of the property game.

sweet as said:

love that track & the style / tempo, but yeahhhh Sydney is expensive!

Fine. said:

Agree. Nice track. Catchy. Not sure if there was an idea. But.

Change the logo and it could be for any estate agent said:


Marbles Mc GInty said:

Bring back Arnie! at least that had some humour in it.

@About right said:

She's at least tanned. That's progressive for Australia.

You can auction me anytime said:

This is a pearler of an ad. Beautiful casting, catchy tune and really captures the reason I get out of bed every Saturday morning, after I crack one out on the bog of course. Really reminds me of the joy experienced while looking for a house.

The casting, emotional delivery and comic timing stirred me in parts that haven't been stirred in a long time. I reckon it's a bonzatastic bloody ripper. Well done people in advertising, you've made me proud to be Australian, and even prouder to listen to #1 album selling artist Serena Ryder.

Going once, going twice and going to watch this again it's so bloody good.


That'll do, let's go to the pub. said:

When you have a few cute looking people, a nice style and music that's not going to offend anyone, what more do you need. Doesn't feel like anyone tried to make it great.

zzzz.z.zz..zzz. said:

Lordy... this a unimaginative snooze fest.

Buyer said:

Kinda misses all the drama I had when I brought a house. The sleepless nights. Trying to get a straight answer from an agent. Buying in a hurry. Buyers remorse. Feeling like a total loser for spending so much money. Feeling even more of a loser when I wrote a massive cheque to the NSW government for stamp duty and not even getting a thank you letter. Losing my job straight after said purchase. Everyone congratulating me and all I wanted to do was punch them for doing so. The self-loathing. Ah, buying a house is so look much fun!

invisible said:

Don't waste your precious bandwidth.

wallpaper said:

why would you ever PR this? looks like something the client made in-house and edited on iMovie. i can see why there are no credits.

Vanilla never tasted more bland said:

Borefest from pillar to post. Cliche after cliche, very expected. Has all the cut-through of a rotten lemon. Good luck to them.

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