Fairfax champions its journalists in newly launched email retention campaign via LIDA

SMH_resize (1).jpgLIDA, the customer engagement specialist business within M&C Saatchi Group, has released its first piece of work for Fairfax Media since welcoming the business into its client portfolio.

'A line from the front line' is an email retention campaign heroing Fairfax's most prolific journalists from The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, with subscribers receiving personalised notes from a range of editors and reporters as they share their experiences in breaking some of Australia's most impactful stories.
Age_resize (1).jpgThe campaign kicks off with two of Fairfax's most celebrated writers: Herald investigative journalist Kate McClymont and The Age's chief football writer Caroline Wilson.

Says Victoria Curro, managing director, LIDA: "Fairfax is dedicated to accurate, quality reporting and a relentless pursuit of the truth, something they couldn't do without the support of their subscribers. We want them to not just appreciate the product they've subscribed to, but feel part of its creation and mission."

Says Michael Laxton, chief marketing officer, Fairfax: "By delivering a message of thanks from our leading journalists directly to a subscriber's inbox, we're once again recognising our most valuable readers and the important role they play in supporting the Herald and The Age's contribution to local communities and the national debate.  Our subscribers have stood behind our leading news mastheads for over 186 years, and we're continuously working with partners such as LIDA to create ever more innovative ways to connect them with the brands they love."

LIDA has been appointed as the lead customer engagement agency for The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and The Australian Financial Review.


race to the bottom said:

Wow, an edm campaign. Well done to all involved....

EDMs are the new TVCs said:

So LIDA pivoted to become a CX agency to keep just doing direct?

Actually said:

@EDM are the new TVCs
No, eDMs are not the new TVCs. But they are an everyday engagement in CX. Customer experience is relevant in every channel.

Campaign? said:

It's not a campaign, it's junk mail. This is the equivalent of
A shelf wobbler, actually more people will see a shelf wobbler than this.
Do yourselves a favour, don't post any more edms up here, it's just sad.

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