Gold Coast resort Couran Cove appoints Studio Culture to spearhead new digital transformation

come-on-over-to-couran (1).jpgThe iconic South Stradbroke Island resort, Couran Cove, has had many transformations over its lifetime, but its most recent $9 million transformation will see the business move its focus into the digital marketing age.

Said to be the Gold Coast's best kept secret, Couran Cove has appointed award winning creative digital marketing agency, Studio Culture, to spearhead this new age transformation, with an improved online presence to attract new residents.
Copy of 5 (2).jpgFor Couran Cove, this will see its current website, customer email direct marketing and social media platforms undergo a revamp and shift in strategic direction.

Nestled between South Stradbroke's native bushland with free ranging native animals, and private beach frontage, Couran Cove is a haven for residents trying to escape the steep mainland rental market. For almost half the Gold Coast median price, residents can enjoy a new tavern, upgraded tennis courts, as well as a virtual-reality world.

Couran Cove CEO, Matt Parsons, has seen the resort increase in popularity over the past 12 months, which he says has sparked the demand for the digital update.

Says Parsons: "It's truly a wildlife sanctuary like no other, with rich indigenous history very important to us we realised we needed our online customers to discover, or rediscover, Coran Cove's natural beauties, and of course the resorts new facilities, and amazing day trips on offer."

"Our recent popularity began with our resort transformation and we are excited to keep the ball rolling and let our customers know that we will be launching into the digital sphere with the help of Studio Culture."

Today's digital reality is driving businesses to invest and shift their focus into transforming their traditional marketing tactics to digital marketing platforms, something Joe Fox, director and co- founder of Studio Culture, knows all too well.

Says Fox: "To stay competitive, businesses must become digital chameleons and update their business models to adapt with the changing digital environment.

"Businesses such as Couran Cove must vigilantly stay on top of the constant influx of new trends and digital updates. Businesses need to consider becoming innovators to make the smooth transition from tradition to digital."

Backed by a superior level of customer service and armed with some of the brightest minds in the industry, Studio Culture's vision is to deliver inspiration, creativity and value to businesses and their customers.

"We are excited to be onboard with Couran Cove's transformation and look forward to releasing a range of digital initiatives online soon."

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